Best 2 All Black ADIDAS Soccer Cleats Review 2018

You know it. I know it. That nothing is changing the way we play football rather than Adidas soccer cleats. The company seems to pay attention to every conceivable detail when designing their new collection. And the 2 All Black Adidas soccer cleats prove it. I will show you in a minute. As players, every time we think of shifting 0ur attention to the competitor. Adidas seems to be getting ahead of the competition.

Creating the best soccer cleats that give you top-notch premium striking and gripping experience. Exactly what every player worth his salt would crave. The moment you get to the field, the confidence and the aggressiveness, the Adidas shoes bring is incomparable.

Today I want to show something... The little unknown 2 black Adidas soccer cleats. Read it. Enjoy it. Get it. And make A decision if it's going to be your 'thing'. I own them, so no regrets on my part. Enough of the intro… Let’s get to.

All Black ADIDAS Soccer Cleats 2018 Reviews

1. Adidas Predator Instinct LZ FG Battle Pack M19888 Black Soccer Men's Boots Cleats

Your foot is your greatest tool. How you treat it, determines how you play the game. Nothing can bring the best playing experience rather owning the Adidas Predator Knight Soccer cleats.

Commonly known as 'the black pack.' When you look at the shoe, the austere and beauty speaks it all. This shoe is different from all other Adidas Predator series. But it has retained some of the features of its previous predecessors. 

In a game where traction plays a key role. Adidas made this knight pack come with 4 triangular studs under the heels, 6 more studs on the forefront. That is 3 studs on each side.

Adidas Predator Instinct LZ FG Battle Pack M19888 Black Soccer Men's Boots Cleats

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The result of this. More stability and extra grip of the ball. It doesn't matter if you are dribbling, passing or jogging junkies. You can feel it. That said, if you are a player who wants to have an absolute control of the ball, this is the right to shoes to own.

On the flip side, if you like to have just a touch of the ball, this is not the right shoe for you. I am just honest. You see, these shoes can't be worn by everyone. But if you still have interest, you will get used to the extra grip.

Similar to their predecessor, Adidas decided to add different lethal zone to this shoe. But with one goal in mind: To improve your power and touch 0f the ball. To accomplish this, they had to use rubber compound and make sure that each lethal zone has its role.

To make even thing easier for you as a player, they made the transparent outsole with a control frame of the design. The key benefit of this addition is to improve your flexibility while offering underfoot touch benefits.

On the comfort side, a lot deserves a mention.

Just like other previous Lethal Zone series, the instinct has adopted the HybridTouch synthetic upper materials.

As you have read my other reviews, the primary benefits of this material is to provide you with a leather-like feel sensation in your foot.

With it, you will experience a more natural feel of the boot.

In the inside part of the shoe, Adidas has added the Velcro-esque material. You will see these on the underside of the top of the tongue.

Now, you may see the Velcro-esque material as something that can will cause discomfort when you play...

But wait...

This material is added to grip your sock, and it locks the tongue in place so that you don't slide while playing.

This is beneficial given the fact, that the tongue always has a habit of sliding out of place when playing. So this material solves this problem.

Is the shoe durable?

As you have noticed, other soccer cleats that Adidas produces like the Samba classic shoe, are durable.

But with the Adidas Predator Knight pack, there is a little bit of disappointment about the company. 

The good news is that this cleat can last you the whole season. In fact, what the company is doing right now is to make the shoe for different playing fields to improve their durability.

So it is not that bad? 

This shoe weighs 9.08oz. That is slightly heavier than other lethal zone model.

The safety measures that comes with this shoe


Here there is some tremendous improvement the company has made.

Other predator lethal zone models were not being much of the protective shoe compared to the predator instinct.

But here is where the Adidas brought the difference.

The majority upper of the shoe is covered with a thick rubber. The rubber does a great job of giving you the ultimate protection, in case you get stepped on or hit in the mid-foot.

Also, to offer more protection on the shoe, Adidas decided to add a little get pad.

Finally, if you are a player who places a high value on how safe you are on the field, the predator instinct won't be a disappointment.

Here are the features:

  • Synthetic
  • Black
  • Athlete
  • Made by Adidas

2. Adidas Adizero 5Star 4.0 Mens Football Cleats 14 Black

Let me impress you with the next stand of Adidas collection, the Adizero Knight Ground Soccer Cleat.

You will love it. Okay, let start...

Comfort-The New Features That Will Make You Fit In This Shoe

Adidas still maintain the HybridTouch material that makes you flexible while you play on the field. Like the Predator instinct, you will still get the barefoot sensation of the ball with this shoe.

Adidas Adizero 5Star 4.0 Mens Football Cleats

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However, in this model Adidas has added one set of insoles, unlike other F50 designs that have two insoles.

That said, the insole feature a synthetic suede lining, which is thick enough to make you feel comfortable when you are wearing the shoe.

On The Weight-A Major Shift To Compete With Nike Mercurial Superfly

In the weight department, Adidas made some extraordinary adjustment that became the main selling point of this shoe.

As you can see, Adidas has a history of developing heavy shoe. This time, they thought it best to provide you with a cleat...

That weighs roughly 5.6oz. Making the look on the shoe sleek and lightweight.

If you are the person that has been using the other models of Adidas like the Samba classic model which weigh 11.oz, you will probably notice the weight difference.

On the other side, if you are like me who use the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10, you will still feel that the shoe is a bit heavier.

Having said that, the shoe is still great, for the fact that it doesn't compromise on quality.

More Rapid Traction On The Ball-Again A Major Shift On The Design

In this area, Adidas did a major redesign on the studs that come with the shoe. 

I think the primary consideration Adidas wanted to bring to the market is a more aggressive shoe that improves the overall performance of the player.

And they went on...

To have 3 studs on the heel, 2 angular studs on both sides of the heel position towards the back of the heel and with one stud position on the heel.

And to make things even better...They added tons of sharp, thin, look like studs running through the middle of the forefoot around the main studs

Bottom line.

You end up with a shoe that has more firm ground studs and rapid multi-directional traction. With these stud patterns, your toes will feel very much on the ground and stable.

The stud pattern on this shoe is what sets it apart from other competitors. 

Because, in the end, you have a shoe that offers lots of grip, keeps you low to the surface. 

And the flexible soleplate makes sure that you have more grip on the under your feet. 

So that, however, which direction or twist that you go, you are fully in control of the ball.

If you want to see what I am talking about the shoe, own the shoe and see what I am exactly talking.

On The Shooting Side, This How Adidas Designed It

The upper part of the shoe has no extra padding, so that means you will feel the ball from every angle when you strike it. 

I think the main reason why the shoe was designed this way was to give the play the barefoot feel of the ball. 

On the other side, the shoe comes designed in 3D grip texture so that you could have high-speed dribbling in all weather conditions.

When it comes to how safe your foot is, the HybridTouch synthetic material has this taken care of.

Concerning durability, there is no much that can be said, because the shoe is truly the best. It is light and durable.

Just what you would expect from Adidas.

Here are features:

  • Synthetic-and-leather
  • 3D grip texture
  •  3-Stripes branding on heel

Final Note

The 2 All Black Adidas soccer cleats  are great. The HybridTouch make you fit comfortably in the shoe and also offers great support.

If features like weight are not a big deal to you, you can give this shoe a try. 

I like the claw-like design of the Adidas Adizero Knight Ground cleat. It is a great improvement when it comes to gripping the ball.

 They are shoes that are worth your investment.

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