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When I wanted to undertake my Law internship, I needed to pull a corporate look. Professional first impression to the possible clients and employers was my top priority. My hair was so frizzy and unmanageable. The stubborn curls and tangles made my hair look so unkempt. I was in a dilemma and struggled with thoughts of cutting my hair which could heartbreak a lot because I love my hair.

Best Way To Straighten Hair

I did a thorough research and realized several ways to straighten my hair. I never regret keeping my hair. And I choose the Best Way To Straighten Hair. Everyone is asking me what I use to keep my hair so straight, moisturized, shiny and beautiful. The following are some of the Best Ways to Straighten Hair.

Using Hair Straightening Irons

You can achieve that amazing straight look you have desired. Don't worry too much about stubborn and tangled hair. Straightening irons are perfect. They are simple and so convenient to use.

Using Hair Straightening Irons

You just wash your hair with shampoo and a conditioner that matches your hair type. Dry the hair and pre-straighten it by blow-drying with a hair dryer. You can use heat protectants such as Organ oil to get a glossier look.

Before dividing the hair for easy straightening, apply heat protection spray to prevent the hair from drying. Set the straightening iron to a favorable temperature and then run the iron over the hair in smooth movements on all sections. Your hair will be straight and amazing.

Using Hair Dryer

Using air dryer is simple. The hair should be washed using a suitable shampoo and conditioner. After patting the hair to dry, comb out any tangles.

Using Hair Dryer

Use a wider-tooth comb or brush. You can apply little amounts of straightening cream to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair and massage the hair.

Divide your hair into sections, turn on the dryer and use the right techniques to blow dry the hair straight on all the sections. Lastly, you can apply a finished product like shine spray to keep your hair glowing.

Keep Your Hair Dry

I learned that water and makes hair to tangle and difficult to comb through. I prefer walking everywhere with my umbrella or shower cap because I cannot imagine struggling to comb my hair after it has been rained on. Hair strands absorb water making hair to curl and becomes so stubborn to work on.

Use Of Shampoos, Conditioners And Hair Gels

You can achieve straight hair without applying any form of heat. Seems impossible right? Hair straightening shampoos, conditioners, and gels work for making your hair smooth and manageable. I prefer this home remedies for straightening hair for teens. 

Lucky for you, you can acquire them from your neighbor shops. When applied, these products will keep your curly or frizzy hair to relaxed; moisturized and soft hence you can wear any style you desire.

Application Of Keratin Cure Or Keratin Straightening

Keratin straightening is another method that you can temporarily straighten your hair. This is done by applying a liquid keratin and a preservative solution using a hair iron. This technique is loved by many for it eliminates frizz.

The straightened hair lasts for about two to three months. The good news is that you can apply the keratin-based treatment on all types of virgin hair or chemically treated hair.

If done correctly, hair comes out so awesome and adorable. Hair treatments should be done consistently after the keratin treatment. This ensures that the hair is maintained strong and smooth.

Japanese Hair Straightening Technique Or Thermal Conditioning

If you have struggled with stubborn kinky hair for long, you will have tears of joy if I informed you about a permanent solution to keep your hair straight. I have been there. I understand how you are feeling right now. Japanese hair straightening is the secret.

You will no longer need to struggle with hair dryers or straightening irons ever again. Imagine sleeping and waking up with your hair straight and awesome! Thermal conditioning makes your hair makes your hair perfectly straight.

Once you straighten your hair, it will remain so. You may need to touch up the roots once in a while when the hair regrows.

Use Of Chemical Relaxers

There have been so many assumptions about chemical hair straighteners weakening hair and causing damages. There are good chemical relaxers in the market. Good quality chemical straighteners come with instructions on how to apply the relaxer.

You ought to follow instructions well to avoid hair damages. An example of the most assumed instruction is applying the chemical on the hairline last to avoid breakage. Hair should be thoroughly washed after that and dried for best results.

You should also find the best chemical straightener that suits your hair type, structure, and texture. Some hair are naturally kinky while others could be soft, hence they do not use the same type of chemical straighteners. Look for a chemical relaxer that is not harsh to your hair.

Use Of Straightening Combs And Brushes

Use of combs and brushes is the safest, convenient and easy method to use. I prefer this technique because it detangles the hair that could otherwise break and get damaged when tightly curled. It leaves my hair so soft and adorable.

I just plug in the brush, heat up, brush my hair and style it. I can control the comb's temperature depending on how curly my hair is. I bought a brush recently which is uniquely lightweight and has an ant-frizz ionic technology. It is so convenient for me because I carry it everywhere I go, especially to work. I just slip it in my handbag.

I have never given up on brushes. In fact, Best Hair Straightening Brush Reviews on the internet have been of so much help to me.

I have gained enough information to help me identify the right brush for my hair, for example getting the right size of brush teeth. I have also learned about the best techniques for brushing hair to avoid damages and breakages.

Final Words On Best Way To Straighten Hair

With straight hair, your life will never be the same. Save time used in combing your hair. Save yourself from the thoughts maintaining short hair because your frizz is so hectic to manage. Enjoy the soft and sleek hair with a beautiful, healthier, natural and classy look. Try one technique that has caught your eye and thank me later.

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