The 6 Best Women’s Soccer Cleats In 2018 – Reviews And Buying Guide 

Know what's tougher than choosing a soccer jersey?

Choosing women's soccer cleats.

Well... Here is your chance. I am about to cut through all the clutter and give you a no-nonsense, unbiased, in-depth review of the women soccer boots.


A practical buying guide.

Now, why on earth review women's soccer boots?

In one word: evolution.

Football has evolved. It is no longer a man's field.

Want proof.

Look at the stats in The US Women's soccer team

The US Women's soccer team has won the Women's soccer world cup three times. In 2015 against Japan, in 1999 against China and 1991 against Norway. 

While the US Men' soccer team the furthest they have gone is in the quarterfinals in 2002 since 1930.

For that reason.

74% Americans prefer to view women's soccer rather than the men's soccer.

In a world where US seem to do dominant with every talent in every field, it has received skepticism from its Men's soccer team. 

In fact, a few years back, FIFA said that the US Men's soccer team luck professionalism of the game of soccer. And that there were happy with what their female counterparts were doing

Because of this huge success of women having a huge interest in playing soccer games...Most companies like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour have decided to customize women's soccer shoes.

This is great progress because of one thing​...In the future women's football will become more popular just as Sepp Blatter(former FIFA boss) said it​.

Although Women' soccer games are not that highly valued as men's soccer, we can just hope for the things to change the game of football evolves.

Because of that…Turn to.

A Practical, No-Nonsense Buying Guide For Women’s Soccer Boots

It is sad. 

That, when a female professional player wants to select a shoe, she has to look at what men have. Then from there she can try to guess her shoe size.

Well, that used to happen a few years back. Today, a lot has gone into designing female soccer cleats.

Today, female professional players choose their design and preference.

But there is a jackpot full of problems...

You know no 'shit' when it comes to selecting a shoe


That problem is solved​...Because in just a few minutes I want to show the factors you should consider when choosing a soccer shoe.

How to Choose Soccer Shoes For Women

Factor #1: Narrow Shoes

If you look at men's feet and women's, you will find that men have a wider foot, while women have a narrow foot.

Having said, if you want to buy soccer cleats you have t0 go for the one that is narrow.

Unless you are Sydney Leroux, a US soccer player who wears Nike Mercurial Vapor, because she has a wider foot.

But if you prefer Men's shoe, you are not left behind...You can always go down to one and a half size.

Meaning that if you have a foot size of 8, you can wear men's shoe size of 6 and a half.

Factor #2: Shoes That Have Long Arches

When it comes to foot arches, there is a huge difference. 

For instance, most men have a normal and flat foot arches, but most women have long arches, that is why you see them comfortable wearing high heels.

So if you were to choose a women's indoor soccer shoe, first determine what type of archer you have. Is it long, flat or normal?

Knowing that can make you comfortable when you are playing on the field.

The mistake that you can make is for you to go for a shoe that has a flat arch while you have a long arch. You can end up with an injury while you are playing.

At the same time, your performance in the game will be low.

Factor #3: A Shoe With Softer Support In The Midsole

Women have wider hips, and this 'wideness' extends to the knees. For that reason, it will be proper for ladies to choose soccer cleats that offer more support in the midsole.

So that they could have better fit and stability while playing.

Factor #4: The Size

Lastly, they are those women who wear men's show, and they don't know the kind of cleats to wear. It can because your foot length and width resembles those of men.

If you prefer men's shoe you may need to choose a shoe that is above your foot size.

Having seen the detail practical guide...You may be asking what soccer shoes are available that meets the above criteria.

Ultimate List Of  The 6 Best Women's Soccer Boots

A lot of designs and tweaks have gone into making these shoes offer more stability, agility and fit when you are playing the game of soccer.

Before I list them... I want to thank Adidas, Nike and Under Armour for promoting the game of soccer to women by designing the best shoes that can boost their performance while in the field.

1. Adidas Performance Ace 16.4 FxG Girls Soccer Shoe

Lots of things need to be said about the Adidas Performance Women's Ace soccer shoe.

First: The shoes come in three colorway. That means you have the choice of choosing shock pink/blue/ black, white/gold/ black or white/black/ electricity.

Second: On the upper design, you will see a geometrical triangular 3D design. Which is essential for a female player who want a better touch on the ball and a superb striking experience

adidas Performance Ace 16.4 FxG Girls Soccer Shoe

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On the performance side, Adidas made a lot of improvement in this area. They made the shoe have a centralized lacing system as opposed to the previous designs which had an off-center lacing system.

The purpose of these lacing system is to allow a snugger fit for female players who have a narrow foot.

What did I like about the shoe?

The shoe is thin; that means breaking-time will be easy. You will only need 2 to 3 training sessions to get a better feel of the shoes.

What I hate about the shoe?

When Adidas designed this shoe, they left two things out. The shoe lacks arch support, and there is no enough padding.

Here are the features of the shoe?

  • Comfortable lining
  • Has the 3 Classic Adidas Stripes
  • Comes in 3 colorway
  • Has a synthetic sole
  • Made in Germany
  • Soft, lightweight Control Feel upper shapes to your foot for ultimate ball control

2. NIKE Womens Magista Onda FG Soccer Pattern Cleats

Adidas may look like it has the best soccer shoe for women, but Nike is doing its best by designing the Women's Magista Onda Soccer cleats. The shoe has a superb design and features.

There is one notable difference between this shoe...It has a synthetic leather upper design that is thicker than other Nike models such as the Kanga-lite and flykit.

Nike says that there is a textured upper material and has a role of providing female players with ‘grippy’ feel of the ball.

NIKE Womens Magista Onda FG Soccer Pattern Cleats

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When it comes to the outsole of the shoe, Nike retained the TPU construction, and they went on to add the EVA sockliner for extra cushioning and support.

The shoes come in two colorway, but it is hard to differentiate, the two colors. But their colors are outstanding; you will get noticed in the field.

When placing an order for this shoe, don't pick the exact size. Go one size above y0ur current size.

What did I like about the shoe?

They are low-end boots, and they fit perfectly well. The amplified texture on the upper makes the shoe have sleek finishes. Check it out on Amazon. I also like the thin tongue and smooth fabric lining of the shoe, it makes the shoe have a good feel.

What I hate about the shoe?

They are a little bit small; you have to pick the next size after your foot size for a better fit.

Features Of the shoe?

  • Made of synthetic materials
  • The outsole has a full-length TPU and directs inject conical TPU studs
  • manmade sole

3. Under Armour Women's Spotlight DL FG Soccer Cleat

It has not been left behind. It is just doing its best to come up with the best design possible for women soccer shoes.

No amount of words could explain the specifications and details that Under Armour went into designing this shoe.

This shoe happened to be the shoe that every female player need. Here are the facts and reasons behind its design.

The Neo Pulse/White color of the shoe makes it look good to the eye.

That is not all...When you look at the material used to make the shoe, it is light. That means you will improve your speed and touch of the ball.

Under Armour Women's Spotlight DL FG Soccer Cleat

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When you look at the innersole...the die-cut of sockliner provides extra cushioning so that your underfoot will be fully protected.

What I like About The Shoe?

The perfect thing about the shoe is that it has TPU studs, which will provide you with a better grip on the ball

What I hate About The Shoe?

It would be hard to give a negative feedback of the shoe because it's new on the market.

But if you find any negative thing, leave me a comment below

Features Of the shoe?

  • Made from synthetic materials
  • The inner sole has die-cut EVA sockliner
  • Lightweight performance synthetic enhances the speed & touch with the ball
  • Color of the shoe: Neo Pulse/White

4. Adidas Performance Women's X 15.3 FG/AG W Soccer Cleat

The 4.5 out of 5 Amazon rating of the shoe from 18 satisfied customers means one thing. The shoe is great. And here is what makes this Adidas design perfect for every female player.

You see, women have a long arch on their feet...So this is what Adidas did this design. They reinforced the mid-foot cage so that you could be stable as y0ur tear the pitch. 

Having said, if you have a long arch, consider Adidas Performance Women soccer shoe.  The other outstanding thing.

adidas Performance Women's X 15.3 FG/AG W Soccer Cleat

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You will also notice that these shoes come with X-Claw stud configuration. Now...What this does is to make sure that you make quick turns and better moves while you are in the field. 

Leaving that aside...With these studs, you are also able to run at high speed while in the field.

So that the shoes can be accepted by every female player, Adidas made them narrow.


The colorway. They are so beautiful, and I believe you can be tempted to walk with them anywhere. 

The shoes come in 3 different colorways. You have the option of choosing White/Shock Green/Black, Pink/Yellow/Midnight Indigo Blue or White/Silver/Yellow.

What did I like About the Shoe?

 The shoe fits well on the foot and will give you better movement and ball control. With these shoes, you will have better support, especially if you have narrow heels and can't wear the sleeve in the x 15.2 version.

What I hate about the shoe?

If you don't have narrow foot, this shoe won't be of great help to you

Features of the shoe?

  • X-CLAW stud configuration
  • Made in Germany
  • It has a synthetic lining for a lockdown fit and step-in comfort
  • Comes in 3 color designs

5. Nike Women's Hypervenom Phantom II FG White/Bright Crimson/Racer Blue Soccer Shoes

Nike has had success with other boots such as the Phantom, the Phatal, and Phelon.

The good news.

These designer collections are excellent. But they have one caveat...They are pricey. So Nike thought it best to design a low-end boot for that entry level female player.

Now... Because it is a low-end boot, that does not mean, there is nothing of great value about the shoe. Here is what you will find with these shoes.

Nike Women's Hypervenom Phantom II FG White/Bright Crimson/Racer Blue Soccer Shoes

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Nike designed the shoe with a rubber sole and like any rubber shoe comes better traction to the ball.

When it comes to comfort and fit, you will feel like you are wearing gloves on your hands. This is so...because of the soft rubber sole. 

That means when Nike was designing this shoe a strong emphasis was placed on the comfort of the female players.

The shoe comes in one color design that is Pink Pow/White

What I like About The Shoe?

When it comes to the upper material, Nike designed it with a synthetic material that offers better fit, and it is supported with a padded shaped ankle collar.

What I hate About the Shoe?

When I ordered one for my daughter, they arrived a bit late, and she was very disappointed

Features Of The Shoes?

  • They are made of rubber sole
  • Anatomical last for a glove-like fit
  • Contoured sockliner with textile lining for support and comfort
  • Synthetic

6. Adidas Performance Women's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe

You can see the lots of effort Adidas is putting ahead of other companies to provide you with a wide selection of shoes.

That means...There is something for everyone.

With the Adidas Women's Ace 15.4, here is what makes this shoe worth a mention.

In the color department, you will have the option of selecting either Frozen Green /White /Flash Green or White/ Silver/ Orange.

adidas Performance Women's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe

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In the color area, I think these is the only shoe that has better sleek finishes than the one I have reviewed.

When it comes to comfort and fit, I will give this shoe a great plus. And it is because of the soft lining that the Adidas included in the shoe.

Again, if I was to give you a quick flashback about Adidas shoes...You will find that most of them possess a soft lining, but they are kangaroo.

Which means that they are heavy. But this one is different. It is made from synthetic materials. Now...You know that most synthetic materials are thin, and that means no protection at all.

But the great thing Adidas did is that...They made this shoe with synthetic materials; that means lightweight and also included flexible outsole for better grip.

You may be asking?

How many review does this great soccer shoe have? 56 Amazon female players gave the boot a 4.1 rating out 5. Which means...This is a great shoe for any female soccer player who is serious about improving her performance in the game of football.

What did I like about the boot?

I look at this shoe.

And all I can say is.

Excellent feel of the ball and perfect precision when it comes to passing the ball. 

In short, it will give you the both power and total control of the ball.

What I hate About Boot

Here I will be biased. My daughter likes this shoe a lot. 

I have nothing negative to say about it except that when you order the shoe go for the half size above your current size.

That means if you wear size 9.5 go for size 10

Here are the features of the shoe

  • Show off your style with a pop of color
  • Synthetic sole
  • Imported
  • flexible outsoles are designed for incredible ball control

Final Note

I love the women's soccer cleats.

But if you were to ask me this question...Out of the 6 women soccer boots which would you choose?


I like the Adidas Performance Women's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe.


And for the sake of my daughter's favorite I love Nike Women's Magista Onda FG Soccer Cleat

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