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What’s the Deal with Straightening Shampoos?

Straightening shampoos are that are made to enhance the straightening efforts. Please understand that no shampoo can automatically straighten your hair! Shampoos geared towards straightening simply help the straightening to be a little bit easier by adding softening and smoothing agents. Anyone Can Use ThemAnyone can use shampoos made for straightening. Even though it says […]

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Common Shampoo Ingredients and Facts

Have you ever wanted to know how to read the shampoo ingredients to see what exactly you’re using to cleanse your hair? This simple guide will lay out the most common ingredients that you’ll find in shampoos. Common Surfactants (Detergents)Sodium laureth sulfateAmmonium lauryl sulfateAmmonium laureth sulfateCocamidopropyl betaineCocoamphodiacetateSodium lauryl sulfateSodium lauryl sarcosinateGentle SurfactantsThis list of surfactants […]

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What is Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

Sensitive scalp shampoo was made to help calm and relieve those withscalps that feel irritated. These shampoos can bring relief and make shampooing and conditioning your hair a much more pleasurable experience as well as give you a healthier-feeling scalp. Shampoos for sensitive scalps are specifically formulated to meet the special needs of sensitive scalps […]

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Shampoo Allergy: Symptoms and Treatments

You might be suffering from a shampoo allergy if you’ve been experiencing some skin discomfort that seems closely related to when you shampoo your hair. In this article, I’ll cover some of the various symptoms, ingredients that could be causing the reactions, as well as treatments for a shampoo allergies.Interesting Read: Color Treated Hair Shampoos […]

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Conditioner Washing : The New Way to Shampoo

If you’re not conditioner washing, then where have you been? Do you get up every single morning to go through the tedious ritual of shampooing and then conditioning your hair for a wash n’ go hair style? Well, listen up! Stop shampooing right now! I know you think I might be crazy but I promise […]

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Does Straightener Hair Brush Work?

Grooming and appearance involve many things. Good looking hair is a major determinant of one’s overall image. It is no secret that hair straightening can be a chore. The good news, however, is that ladies are in for a treat with the new straightener hair brush that is no doubt a game changing, smart hair […]

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