Pros and Cons of Electric Shaver Batteries

Electric Shaver Batteries

Among the men's electric shavers models that use rechargeable batteries, the two most commonly used these days are NiMH batteries and Li-ion batteries. In the past years, NiCd batteries have also been used, but they are starting to fall out of fashion, and NiMH batteries have replaced NiCd rechargeable.

​In this article I'm going to describe about the Pros and Cons of Electric Shaver Batteries, mainly for Li-ion and NiMH.

Pros and Cons of Using Li-Ion Batteries

The first major disadvantage is that Li-ion batteries are quite expensive. Between a disposable battery and a Li-on battery of the same voltage and size, the price of a Li-ion battery can range anywhere from two to four times the price of the disposable battery. Yet, if you view this issue from a long-term perspective, you only need to purchase Li-ion batteries once every after a long time. So, although they are expensive, the cost may actually be a good long-term investment.

The second downside to using Li-ion batteries with your electric razor is that they can become dangerous when a short circuit occurs and causes very rapid discharge. However, if you exercise proper caution and care when using your Li-ion battery-run electric shavers, you wouldn’t need to worry much about their being fire hazards or explosives.

The last disadvantage of Li-ion batteries is their life span. The normal life span of Li-ion batteries is somewhere within three to five years. But, were you even thinking of a perpetual supply of renewable power? A three-year lifespan is good enough, compared the one-year or two-year life spans of the other rechargeable battery types such as the NiCd and NiMH batteries.

In summary, the advantages of using Li-ion batteries outweigh their disadvantages. For this reason, you might want to consider using Li-ion batteries for your men's electric shavers.

Pros and Cons of Using NiMH Batteries

NiMH or nickel-metal hydride batteries have higher capacity than the NiCd or nickel-cadmium batteries did. NiMH batteries don’t suffer from the so-called memory effect that plagued NiCd batteries. The NiMH batteries of Thomas Distributing and C. Crane are expensive because they have the highest competence compared to other NiMH batteries.

The NiMH batteries have replaced the NiCd batteries because of some environmental issues. NiMH batteries are safer than NiCd batteries. This is why consumers are encouraged to purchase NiMH than NiCd.

NiMH batteries are usually used in digital cameras, electric shavers, and high-drain tools such as digital clocks. NiMH batteries are not suitable for emergency flashlights or smoke detectors. NiMH batteries can’t be used on devices that require four or more batteries to make the device work.

This is because NiMH batteries put out less voltage; that is, they put out 1.2 V rather than 1.5 V. Although this is the case, it might work on some other devices. It’s worth a trWhile alkaline batteries lose voltage at a steady rate, NiMH batteries tend to maintain much of their voltage and then suddenly drop. This gives you a hard time in determining the accurate level of battery life that NiMH batteries have.

In addition, NiMH batteries are effective all-around batteries, however they also have a rapid rate of self-discharge. Self-discharge refers to the batteries’ ability to lose power even when not in use. Because of self-discharge, NiMH batteries are rendered unusable after a few months of being dormant and being inactive.

NiMH batteries are inexpensive compared to other batteries. Their performance and voltage is tantamount to that of primary alkaline battery cells.

Unlike NiCd, NiMH batteries need a more intricate charge algorithm. Consequently, they create more heat when charging and also need a longer time to recharge. Temperature also affects the performance of the NiMH battery. In high temperature areas, performance declines.

In sum, NiMH batteries are good for use with your men's electric shavers for reasons already discussed in this article. Though some other more expensive battery types may work better (for example, Li-ion batteries), NiMH batteries are well within acceptable levels in terms of price range and performance.

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