How To Straightening Hair Without Heat

How To Straightening Hair Without Heat

Straightening your hair should not be a difficult task just because you need heat or just because you don't really know the rights ways to go about to keep it straight. A good number of people are used to drying their hair by using heat. Subjecting your hair to heat frequently destroys it, and this is why you need to learn effective ways of straightening hair heat-free. You can still dry your hair without using heat and achieve the best results.

There are many ways in which one can straighten hair without heat. They are cheaper and more reliable methods.

In this article, I get to advise you on the means of straightening your hair without using heat. Get to achieve straight hair that will get other people jealous and want to know more about how you came up with such straight hair without using heat at all.

Brush Your Hair Dry

You can brush your wet hair down and pull it tight with your hands. The constant brushing will keep the hair from curling. There are best hair straightening brushes that will get the job done. Ensure that you brush your hair straight as it dries.

Do the brushing quite regularly and constantly for the best results and for the best-straightened hair. When the hair dries up, make a point of applying oil on it on the ends to ensure that the hair smoothens pretty well just as well as it would look when you use heat.

Blow Drying With Cold Air

You can set the cold air option in your blow drier and do not use any product. The cold air setting in the dryer enables you to blow the hair with cooler hair instead of heat. This could work for those who fear feeling a lot of heat in their hair when doing their blow dry with heat.

Use your fingers and a brush to help you in the straightening process. You can get straighter hair when you combine the process with a round brush which you can use to brush the hair from the roots to the ends.

Use Rollers

I will advise you to use large and not small rollers. Wrap small sections of hair around each roller and secure tightly to use the head. First, comb the hair and then wrap the hair in the rollers. Having the small sections of hair tied up ensures that the hair dries up pretty fast and completely.

Use of rollers could take some time, but it is worth it for the best-straightened hair you need when going out. When you are sure that the hair is completely dried up, then you can take out the rollers.

Towel-Dry Your Hair

Wrap your hair round the head using a towel after washing it. An ultra-absorbent towel will do the job well. A towel made of an absorbent fabric is the one you need for the best hair straightening.

The type helps wick moisture out of the hair quickly making the hair dry quickly and slowly to ensure that the hair straightens well without causing any damage. All the hair in your head gets too dry well from the roots to the ends.

Use Of Hair Bands

Section your hair into small sections or rather into ponytails. Tie the ponytails together with loose hairbands and place more bands down the length of each section to ensure that the hair gets straightened from the roots to the ends.

Use small hair bands to ensure that the small sections of hair are well tied. Sectioning the hair into small ponytails ensures that no hair is left out without being dried.

Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are designed for different type of hair for example, for example, there are those made for natural hair and others for plaited hair. Some hairsprays can do the job of straightening hair pretty well.

They make your hair fall faster and ensure that your hair does not curl. There are one made to hold your hair in place. Spraying your hair daily will help in the straightening process, and constant spraying will make your hair fall perfectly.

Tips On How To Straightening Hair Without Heat

Brush your hair constantly to achieve the straightening effect fast. Ensure that you brush the hair from the roots to the ends to ensure that the straightening is uniform and that part of your hair doesn't get to curl.

The cold air option in your blow dryer can also help you achieve the straightening effect without putting on the heat option. The hair gets to be blown dry by the dryer and also constant blowing straightens the hair well.

There are some hair sprays that can help straighten your hair. All you have to do is ensure that you spray your hair each and every day.

Constantly brushing your hair with the best hair straightening brush straightens your hair pretty well. It gets your hair to fall perfectly, without getting you through any struggles.

When using rollers, ensure that you use large rollers that will hold the hair well and not small rollers. Using small rollers mean that you will use a lot of rollers which will cause congestion, and some parts of your hair might not straighten well.

When drying your hair with a towel, ensure that you use a super absorbent towel made of an absorbent fabric.

Final Verdict

From the article, you can agree with me that for you to straighten your hair, it's not a must that there must be heat for you to straighten your hair.

The above methods are proof that you can straighten your hair perfectly well without heat. Try any of the above methods and be sure to have straight hair just the same as the other person that used heat to straighten her hair.

Be sure to have straight hair if you put into practice any of the above ways of straightening your hair without using heat.

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