What’s the Deal with Straightening Shampoos?

Straightening shampoos are that are made to enhance the straightening efforts. Please understand that no shampoo can automatically straighten your hair! Shampoos geared towards straightening simply help the straightening to be a little bit easier by adding softening and smoothing agents.

Straightening Shampoos

Anyone Can Use Them

Anyone can use shampoos made for straightening. Even though it says it's for "straightening," it can be used by someone with already straight hair or someone with curly hair wanting to wear a curly style. The shampoo simply helps to smooth and reduce frizz and flyaway.

Straightening & Smoothing Shampoos Can Help - A Little

Using a shampoo for straightening when you plan to flat iron or blow dry your hair can potentially make your the efforts a little bit easier on you and your hair. Smoothing shampoos typically add silicones which coat and smooth out the hair cuticle helping it to lie flat. Following up these products with a blow dryer or flat iron will show the full potential of such products.

Use Them Regularly

You can use a shampoo formulated for straightening whenever you like..whether or not you choose to straightening. The benefits of frizz free hair actually make these shampoos a wonderful product to use on curly, frizzy hair when going for a curly style. If you buy a straightening or smoothing shampoo, there is no need to have other shampoos and conditioners even if you choose not to wear your hair straight.

How to Use Straightening Shampoos

These shampoos can be used pretty much the same way as any other shampoo. Lather, rinse, repeat. Simple as pie! I'd suggest using a straightening conditioner from the same product line for maximum effect.

Where You Can Use Them

I have never seen any type of shampoo for straightening being used in a salon. However, maybe they are used in salons and I have just never paid attention. So, most likely you will be using a straightening shampoo that you have bought at a drugstore or a salon. They are perfectly safe to use on your own.


Use a straightening or smoothing shampoo to assist with smoothing your hair in preparation for straight or curly styles as often as you'd like!

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