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Best Safety Razor in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Getting a smoother face is something that many men would like, and such is made possible through shaving.Through the years, a variety of innovations have been introduced within the product category to differentiate one product from another. These innovative features have made shaving a lot easier, and most importantly, less irritating.It requires the need to […]

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Best Mustache Wax in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Imagine taking milk or coffee and the cream leaving a whitish substance in your mustache, to make matters worse, you’re in a meeting, and you have no idea why your colleague is looking at you like an alien. How disturbing can that be!To make an impression lies 90% on your facial appearance more than the […]

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Best Beard Trimmer In 2018 For Long Beards | Buying Guide & Reviews

In most cases, men bemoan the fact that as the hair on their heads thin, the hair everywhere else grows long and lush. To that end, having a good trimmer is an essential grooming tool. Trimmers exist to tidy up hairs in the ears, nose, and brow, and to cut and shape beards.There are many […]

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