Ultimate Cheap Soccer Cleats For Men | Women | Kids – Reviews 2018

I know what you are probably thinking?

​In one word: Poor quality.

But what if I told you that there are cheap soccer cleats that are of high quality. Perfectly designed for those who are starting out and are budget conscious. To sweeten the deal, this article goes into great depth, giving you 9 cheap soccer cleats for women, men, and kids (3 for each).

For each soccer shoes, I will go into detail describing the features of each shoe and how it can improve your performance in the field. You see, a football shoe is only as good as what it can do in the field. If it can give you the right balance of traction, speed, and control, then it is 1000 times way better and worth your investment. Enough of the introductions and pep talk, let look at.

Cheap Soccer Cleats For Men

When you are starting out in soccer, the prices on boots sometimes can overwhelm you. You may go into great depth of choosing a signature boot thinking that you will play better in the field.

But the truth is very clear: A soccer shoe doesn't make the player, your skills, and creativity in the game does. Having said that, here are the low-end boots that you can try out when starting out.

Or, when you want to budget well.

1. Adidas Performance Men's Predito Instinct Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

The predito instinct shoes happen to be the best soccer cleats for that soccer player who is just starting out. Great thanks go to Adidas for making this shoes have superb features that merit the characteristics for any high-end boot.

The Preditor Instinct comes with predator technology in the forefoot. Meaning that you will get the same power and ball contact just like any player who wears predator soccer shoes.

The predito instinct shoes happen to be the best soccer cleats for that soccer player who is just starting out. Great thanks go to Adidas for making this shoes have superb features that merit the characteristics for any high-end boot.  The Preditor Instinct comes with predator technology in the forefoot. Meaning that you will get the same power and ball contact just like any player who wears predator soccer shoes.

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Still on that...You will also be able to change direction quickly because of the triangular stud that Adidas included in the shoe. When it comes to durability, you can play with these shoes for two good seasons; this is because of the synthetic leather material.

Another notable feature in this shoe is the rubber sole, which will keep your foot comfortable and safe from injuries.​

What I like

I have worn Adidas predator cleats before, but this what I can say about the shoe. They are alike. At least, you get the same barefoot feel of the ball when using the preditor.

What I Hate

The soccer shoes are perfect for men who have a narrow foot. So if your foot is a bit wider, please do look for other shoes.

Features Of This Shoe

  • They have a rubber sole
  • The materials used is synthetic leather or leather/textile
  • Directly imported from Germany no Chinese junk.
  • Predator technology included in the forefoot area for better ball control.

2. Adidas Performance Men's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe

Well, if the first shoe was out of your reach and didn't impress you that much. I guess you would give Adidas performance men's ace a try.

The quality of this shoe justifies the price itself. And here is what you will find unique with this cleat.

For the record, the first soccer shoe was a little bit narrow. The good news...this is wide. In short, if you have a wide foot, I don't know why in the world this shoe would not fit you.

adidas Performance Men's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe

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​The shoe is also very light with a suitable synthetic material covering the upper. Which means, when you are tearing the field like it is 'no-one's business' you won't get dragged down. Still on that...the ball will be very much close to you...because of the barefoot touch that you will experience.

When it comes to traction, the shoe has 12 well-constructed studs...Flexible enough to make you hold the ball and the ground firmly on any surface except wet.​

What I like

Honestly, the silky texture of the shoe is what got my attention. It makes the shoe look like a high-end boot, especially if you get yourself the Core Black/Silver Metallic/Solar Yellow color.

What I Hate

It is a great shoe...Unfortunately, I am a narrow foot. So can be said less about its drawback. But I am yet to find a person that has had a negative experience with the shoe so that I can update this section.

Features Of The Shoes

  • The materials used to design the shoe is synthetic
  • The sole is rubber
  • Synthetic lining for a lockdown fit and step-in comfort
  • Wide-sized

3. Walstar Mens Soccer Shoes Copa Stadium

A low cost soccer shoe designed to handle any grass surface or dirt surfaces perfectly. That is not all.

This shoe comes made with TPU materials...Which enhances its strength and durability. Which is great, especially for those players who want a cleat that can last for more than 2 years.

Walstar Mens Soccer Shoes Copa Stadium

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On the traction side, I will give this shoe a rating of 4.1 out of 5. And it is because of one thing...It has triangular forefoot studs that will help you move up and down in the field quickly. With this shoe, expect sharp and quick turns without sliding.

What I like​

When you look at the price of this shoe, you will have a little expectation of the shoe, just like anything that is cheap.On the flipside, the shoe does a great job giving you superior comfort and traction in the field.

What I Hate

The only thing that is a grave concern with the shoe...It is the length. It is a bit tight for comfort.

Features Of The Shoes

  • Synthetic/Manmade Sole
  • Die-cut footbed forms to your foot for slip-free comfort
  • Synthetic sole
  • True To Size 9 to 12.

Cheap Soccer Cleats For Women

It will be unfair to leave out females in this. As the women's soccer becomes more popular, so is the call for making cheap soccer shoe that fits the budget of our sisters.

If you are a female player, am inviting to try out some of the best collection that will make you fit properly and play the game of football with ultra-precision.

1. PUMA Women's evoSPEED 4.2 FG Soccer Cleat

Puma made it clearly: If its bright flashy color doesn't strike your ego as a woman, then the ultra-performance will. If you are a female player, this is the kind of shoe you should fit in.

You don't have to for look men's sizes when this shoe promises remarkable performance in the field. You know how weight can drag you behind when you are playing soccer, especially if you decide to choose shoes made of Kangaroo material.

PUMA Women's evoSPEED 4.2 FG Soccer Cleat

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But, here is what PUMA did to make this shoe different from the competitor. The shoes come made with lightweight speed CELL that will get you moving fast and having a better feel of the ball. To provide you with ultra-protection and better cushioning, PUMA included the EVA sock liner in the mid sole so that you won't have to worry about safety issues when you are playing on the field.

If you are obsessed with color like my little daughter, the shoe comes in two colorway. You can either choose, Vibrant Yellow/Spectra Green/Blue Light or Monaco Blue/Sulphur Spring/Sunny Lime​

What My Little Daughter Like About The Shoe?

In her words: better control and good feel of the ball.

What She Hates About The Shoe?

She took longer to break in the shoe, like 5 training practices. But this is a common thing with any shoe. After the break-in you just fit comfortably.

Features Of The Shoes

  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Synthetic sole
  • Minimal external stability heel counter

2. Adidas Performance Women's X 15.4 FxG W Soccer Cleat

Want to embarrass your opponent in the field? Try this Adidas performance women's soccer cleat that is built with high-traction outsoles. Which guarantees that you would get hold of the ball, and you will have zero chances of sliding and slipping in artificial, hard or firm surfaces.

You look at the upper, and all you can see is the ball resisting to get away from your foot...Because of the BRAVO synthetic upper that Adidas designed in the shoe. If you are a professional soccer player who has a wide foot, this shoe will be ideal for you.

adidas Performance Women's X 15.4 FxG W Soccer Cleat

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The shoe comes in two fabulous colors, just what will make you look more beautiful in the field. You can always choose Navy Blue/Frozen Green/Flash Green or White/Shock Green/Black. Black one is really awesome. If you like this color here is a must read post : All Black Adidas soccer cleats

What do I like About The Shoe?

The fact that Adidas designed this shoe with a breathable mesh lining, this will make your foot cool and comfortable throughout the match.

What I Hate About The Shoe?

This shoe will be a great disappointment if you have flat arches, but if you still are excited about them, you can add arch support.

Features Of The Shoes

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Wide-sized
  • Flexible traction outsole designed for ultra-superior ball control
  • lightweight BRAVO synthetic upper

3. adidas Performance Women's X 16.4 FxG W Soccer Shoe

As a female professional player, you never want to give your opponent the satisfaction of your weakness. You want to get to the ball at lightning speed and at the same time, holding the ball right close to you.

The good news: You will love this new design from Adidas. The women's ace 16.4 soccer shoe. Because of one thing: It delivers exactly what you need to brush through every corner of the field. If you look at the upper, it made through synthetic materials that guarantee better touch and control of the ball. Meaning that the ball will never leave you, up to the goal area.

adidas Performance Women's X 16.4 FxG W Soccer Shoe

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In the color department, you have three options of choosing beautiful colors that will make you noticeable in the field. You have the choice of buying either, White/Black/Electricity,White/Gold/Black or Shock Pink/Blue/Black.​ Pink one is excellent. Do you love pink color for your cleat? Okay, don't miss this : Best Pink Soccer Cleats 

What I Did Like About The Shoe

The shoes have a comfortable lining and its light. On the comfort side, the shoe will fit any female player as long you choose the exact size

What I Did Hate About The Shoe

The only area that Adidas needs to do is improve the arch support. I think the shoe should have enough padding.

Features Of The Shoes

  • Has the 3 classic Adidas stripe
  • Comfortable lining
  • Synthetic sole
  • Synthetic
  • Flexible ground cleats for the playmaker

Cheap Soccer Cleats For Kids

The only way to make that young, energetic talent grow is pushing fire under the belly. And that is getting that kid a good soccer shoe.

It may not be the most expensive soccer shoe...but the quality justifies every penny that you invest to make your child love the game of soccer. If you want your kid to improve his talent in soccer, here are some of the best soccer shoes that you can buy for them.

1. DREAM PAIRS Kids Athletic Lace up Outdoor/Indoor Light Weight Running Soccer Shoes

There is something that comes with wearing the dream pair’s soccer cleats. That is confidence. From the silky finishes of the shoe to the amazing studs on the shoe.

The design of the shoe will make you think twice about buying Adidas cleats. Here is what makes these cleats superb. When it comes to comfort and fit, I will give this shoe on a scale of 1 to 10. I will give it a rating of 8/10. For the following reasons.

KIds Light Weight Running Soccer Shoes

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  • The shoe is equipped with enough padding and lots of cushions on the collar.
  • All this is there to make sure that your kid, will never nurse blisters and injuries when they are in the field.
  • The other notable thing is that it is easy to fold the tongue and to keep the laces secure and flat for a better striking experience.
  • With this soccer cleats, the shoe comes in a full rainbow of colors to choose from.

What do I like About The Shoes?

Looking the way the shoe is designed, the sophistication, you may think that the shoe is heavy. But it is the exact opposite. Still on that...I believe the shoe is better than some of the high-end boots that Adidas manufactures.

What I Hate About The Shoe?

For some kids the pair, maybe a little bit too big, especially if your kid is narrow footed.

Features Of The Shoes

  • Synthetic Sole
  • Cushioned insole for added comfort
  • Man Made Material
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable design
  • Premium DP combination upper that offers comfort & maximum durability

2. adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Preferably one of the most bought shoe in various eCom sites with almost 100% positive reviews and ratings. Which means, you can't go wrong when buying a pair for your kid.

Okay... what does the shoe have. A couple of interesting features. The inner sole of the shoe comes included with a die-cut EVA materials...Which in this case, makes your kid's foot comfortable when wearing the shoe. Still, in the comfort department, the shoe also has the soft textile lining for ultra-comfort and support.


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So if you are a parent, and you want something safe for that little kid who is getting to know soccer, give this shoe a try. The shoe can fit kids of different ages; there is a toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes. As a parent, no matter how old your kid looks like, you won't miss the right size for him.

What do I like About The Shoe?

I like the TRAXION FG design that Adidas included in this shoe...It resembles other premium shoes like the Samba and Prime kit. What makes this design great, is the grip that you get when you are playing soccer. Any Adidas shoe designed with TRAXION has never been of disappointment.

What I Hate About The Shoe?

The tongue of this shoe keeps on sliding, but your kid will get used to it and adapt.

Features Of The Shoes

  • Synthetic sole
  • Two colorways: Black/White/Solar Blue and Black/White/Solar Pink
  • Die-cut EVA insole
  • Has a Soft textile lining
  • Has a Synthetic upper material

3. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat

Judging by what you see on store, you may have a little expectation of this shoe. Maybe because of the price. On the flip side, it is one of the best soccer shoes for youths. The shoe is a strong competitor of Nike Jr Mercurial Victory, which is a prestigious boot for youth.

The details that Vizari paid when constructing this low-end boot is what makes it gather raving reviews on Amazon after the Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J Soccer Cleat. Here are a couple of things that makes the shoe worth your investment.

Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat

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The sole of the shoe is made of rubber, and with any rubber sole expect nothing but durability. That said, your kid can stay with the shoe for more than two years without needing to buy another one. The shoes come in a rainbow of colors. Just choosing the right color for your boy or girl will motivate her to love the game of soccer. The shoe also has a two color dimpled synthetic upper that enhance ball feel and shooting experience.​

What do I like About The Shoe?

It may not be from one of your best soccer brands, but the truth is, this is a quality shoe. It is strong and durable.

What I Hate About The Shoe?

It happens that my nephew who plays soccer loves this shoe to the moon and back. I will be biased a little bit; I can't say any negative experience that my nephew has had. But am sure some people do.

Features Of The Shoes

  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic
  • Two colors dimpled synthetic upper
  • Anti-stretch lining

Reviews of All Style and All Formats of Ground

Having a defining moment in the field has always been the dream of every soccer player. And because of that, this blog has adopted an endearing spirit of providing you some of the best soccer shoe reviews.

​Our reviews are written from experiences we have with the shoe. With every shoe that we review, we go into a great mile of telling you what is unique about them, what we hate about and what we like about it.

If we get tempted to be biased, we say to you early in advance. Having said that please have a look at some of the exciting reviews thousands of our soccer fans enjoy reading.

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Final Note

As you have seen, cheap doesn't necessarily mean expensive or poor quality. These cheap soccer cleats have passed the test having the same design and features that you will find in any prestigious boot. Great thanks go to you my fan for reading this great article up to the end.

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