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The 5 Best Blender For The Money In 2021 Reviews – Smoothies, Ice, Soup And Frozen Fruit

The first thing that rings my mind when I see a blender is some delicious smoothie. We all know that smoothies are so healthy not to mention incredibly sweet and so the best blenders for the money are more of necessity.

You can use the blender for other purposes too like breaking the ice, soup or frozen fruit. I know you somehow have that all knowledge what you might not know is that not all blenders are quality blenders. Am coming to your rescue, maybe retailers have been all along extorting you of your hard earned money. Well no longer because I am shedding you light concerning blenders.

The truth is that there are more substandard benders than there are quality blenders. So falling for a substandard blender has such a high probability. A good blender will save you money on repairs and replacements. These blenders prices are in the mid- range.

If you are accustomed to the very expensive, cheaper blenders are offering the same performance and durability if you are accustomed to the very cheap I know you have had your troubles just invest a little more for these kettles and thank me later.

I recommend the below-listed blenders as they will meet all of your expectations of a quality blender. It takes much time to find the best, and I am cutting down the work for you.

5 Best Blender For The Money 2021 Reviews

1. KitchenAid KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender

KitchenAid KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender has been in existence for over 80 years.

Over the years they have been advancing their product so you can imagine the level of innovation put till date.

To give you flexibility the KitchenAid KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender features five speeds.

Take me for example. I like to start with low speed and increase progressively so this will serve me greatly.

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550 watts is what powers the blender. To match all that power to make sure that the blades do not break it has stainless steel blades. Strong enough to maneuver all kind of foods that you want to prepare.


The KitchenAid KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender has an innovative design that makes it safe to use and easy to clean with a scratch and stain resistant finish. The blender locks in place and also it has hot liquid ventilation. This is the best blenders for smoothies to me.


The blender is of high-grade materials, and I worry less when using appliances from heavy grade materials. A warranty is a bonus to the durability that comes with these materials. So this purchase is risk-free.

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2. Vitamix Standard Blender, Black

Vitamix standard blender, black is another of the Vitamix products. These products design make them a top choice for blender related products. It is doing quite well in the market.

When making any recipe, I get absolutely no difficulties with a variable speed blender.

I just vary the speed to suit the specific recipe, and I manage to make even the most delicate of the recipes.

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The Vitamix standard blender, black has a capacity of 64 oz. Big enough to accommodate fruits that can make a smoothie for the whole family. Also, the container is BPA free as a health requirement.


Warranty on the Vitamix standard sees to it that you have no worries during purchase. Also, there is a 30-day full cash refund in case it does not satisfy your expectations.

Two Peak Horsepower Motor

The maximum horsepower of the blender is 2.0 horsepower. I have personally done the testing of this blender to ascertain that it has a 2.0 horse power. 2.0 is enough to power to handle its large capacity. According to me this is the best blender for ice breaking.

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3. Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

The manufacturer tends to label this blender a professional grade blender. Well, I totally agree that this lender is a heavy duty blender that you can easily use for commercial purposes.

To ensure that a device that is meant to help you improve on general health does not cause health problems, all the materials that come in contact with the food are BPA free.

To enhance on hygiene, the blender is dishwasher safe hence easy and fast cleaning.

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Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) has a capacity of 72 oz. That capacity is awesomely big. It can accommodate a range of vegetables and whole fresh fruits. With the Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) you can prepare smoothies for the whole family.


A staggering 1100 watts powers the blades of the Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600). This power results in fast drink and smoothie preparation. There is no way the huge capacity can slow down the blades.

Sleek Design

This blender uses a Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) to lure its customers, not in a bad way though as you will never regret the purchase. Plus it allows you enjoy some level of versatility as it can crush ice as well as whole fruits and vegetables. I hope you already know that it’s the best blender for frozen fruit.

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4. Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad with LED Indicator Lights

The Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad is a solution to all adventurists who are looking for the perfect blender. Households also use due to its outstanding performance.

Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad blender incorporates an electronic touch pad.

The touch pad provides a user-friendly interface that allows for a one hand operation.

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Travel Cups

Four travel cups make up the fair share of the blenders accessories. The cups have caps which keep of contaminants. The cups are like a commission, and you can use them even to drink water.


This blender is your perfect partner for family trips or business seminars. It is small and lightweight, so it occupies minimum space in your travel bag. It is a fast blending machine, so the size is much of a plus than a limitation.

Easy To Clean

All the parts of this Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad blender are dishwasher safe. Plus considering the compact size, it is easy to inspect it thoroughly when cleaning. This is in my list because of become the best blender for juicing.

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5. Vitamix Standard Programs Blender, White – Best Blender For Nut Butter

If you are looking for an incredible blender that will serve you with precision, then the Vitamix 1889 Blender will do that. As it seems to me, this blender matches all these others regarding performance and almost everything else.

Vitamix 1889 Blender is the smart choice of a blender. It incorporates some programmable settings whereby you can condition it to process you drink or smoothie with some predetermined standard settings of your choice.

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A 30 day money back period and a five years warranty make this blender a number one choice for many people. The manufacturers are keen to the detail. The product goes through extreme screening for defects before release to the market.


The Vitamix 1889 Blender can accommodate a whole 64 ounce in its BPA-free container. That is why some buyers use it for small-scale commercial purposes. Big families also prefer the Vitamix 1889 Blender purchase.

Variable Speed

There is nothing as awesome as the ability to vary the speed of your blender. Control on the speed allows you to make the most delicate recipes with prowess.

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Factors To Consider For The Best Blenders

Best manufacturers equip their equipment with some exceptional features. These features set their products from the competitors. I am glad that competition enables us to get the best of anything that we want.


Different blenders have different servings. The capacity is what determines the servings of a particular blender. It will depend on the capacity that you want. If you have a bigger family, a big capacity will be good for you.


The money that you have put aside will determine the blender. It will be for your best interest you find a fair price for the blender but do not let the price get in the way of the durability. In the end, it is durability that will give you value for your money.


Your interior home décor will play a role in the blender that will fit perfectly in your house. Some colors will be a real complement to your home décor so choose wisely.


Performance has several variables. One of the variables is speed. Variable speed enables for optimum performance. Another of the variables is the power, the bigger the blender, the higher the power demand.

Other Factors

  • Safety features
  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Price, warranty and the brand
  • The durability of the machine

Juicer & Blender – what’s the difference?

What is good for blending and what’s better for juicing? A blender and a juicer is commonly mistaken for being the same thing, but the two things work quite differently.


Generally speaking, the process of using a blender to process ingredients is quicker and more rough, whereas a juicer produces a finer texture which is one of the reasons that it is the preferred option if making juices.

Here I’ll show you the main difference between them, and explain how to get the most out of your blender or juicer.​

Blenders – what does it do & what is it good for?

The basics of a blender that it rapidly cuts and breaks down everything that went into it. So if blending vegetables and fruit the juice is a mix of fibers, skin, stems, leaves, core, flesh etc.

The blades quickly rotate and chops the entire produce faster than in a juicer. Blenders tend to be noisier than juicers as they operate on higher speed.

​Drink wise blenders are commonly used for SMOOTHIES and MILKSHAKES. But what is the difference? I often get confused between the two, and there seem to be a bit of an overlap but generally speaking:

best Blender in 2017

Juicers – and Their Benefits…


A great thing about juicers is that they separate the juice from the fibers compared to a blender, and produce a light and easy to drink fluid.

The main benefit of using a juicer instead of a blender to make juices is that it is easier for the body to absorb the nutrients as there’s no chunky bits to break down, and is generally more soft on the digestion process.

However, it is not all produce which is suitable to use in a juicer, such as banana and avocado, so it’s recommended to use both in combination if cooking with more solid substances.

What to put in a Juicer?​

When it comes to juicing the variety of recipes are enormous. However, some of the most common ingredients for juicing are:

  • Apples & oranges: The basic ingredients of juicing
  • Beet: To maximize the nutritional value beets should be juiced with their tops.
  • Cabbage: High in Vitamin C and calcium
  • Celery: Celery is a great source of Vitamin B and is said to provide relief for headaches and help weight loss.
  • Citrus & Ginger: Lemon, Lime, Ginger.

Generally, about Juicers & Blenders

So just to recap, blenders and juicers do not perform the same functions and generally:


Anything with a HIGH water content should go in a JUICER


Anything with a LOW water content should go in a BLENDER

So for the best result if making juices use a Juicer, and if making Smoothies, Milkshakes, Soups, Dips etc. a blender should be used.

However, they work great in combination, so if you want to add ingredients to your juice which aren’t suitable to run through a juicer, such as berries for example (I find you get more out of them by blending them), simply put the juice in the blender together with the berries and blend it all together, and finish the juice in that way!​

Final Words

Hope you have given this article a careful read and now you know just which blender among the ones listed above will serve the purpose. No more uncalled for breakages that demand you to part with your money now and then. These blenders will restore your faith with electric kettles.

High performance is a guarantee, and the fact that they are not expensive does not compromise on quality. The manufacturers value their customers so much to take your money for low-quality products.