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Best Shaver For Head In 2021 – Guide & Reviews

I have learned to co-ordinate together people, and products is like herding horses, but in this case, clean, smooth shaven ones. This research might have left me with some gray hairs, but the good news is that at least I nailed it in knowing the best shavers for head out there for them.

Anybody who has ever shaved a head knows it’s never an easy task for that greatly desired look. It takes time andsuperb experience to get that comfortable maneuvering along your scalp.

It could be difficult to see, leave alone reach much of your head area dying for a shave. More importantly, its strenuous getting a good head shaver to do the right job.

Best Head Shavers Compared

Unsurprisingly, many out there claim to do you justice but fail to deliver. With many of us having different shaving habits, beards and hair growth.

I have tested many in the market, and for sure even though there are some you should never use, these topped the list of those you can choose from at any given day without disappointment.

Top 5 Best Shaver For Head 2021 Reviews

1. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

If you need a fast and smooth dry and wet shave, the skull shaver bald eagle smart is here for you.

But it’s not advisable to use it with a gel to avoid its density and stickiness which can hurt performance. It comes with a design too dedicated to the bald head for perfection.

It’s a large fantastic swirling flexible head shaver, with five rotary cutters for your fast and close shave, leaving your shave never messy.

It comes with a patented small handheld exquisite shaver handle, to easily fit in the palm of your hand.


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The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart has a Li-ion battery for excellent performance. It has a strong motor up to 10500 RPM. It’s a 90 minute of use on a single charge and 5 hours to full charge. It’s a UL certified 110- 240V plug charge for global voltage.


Use it advisable for cordless operations. Its forehand glide will provide you with comfortable forehand motions. It can shave horizontally with no nicks, cuts or burns.


It’s one amazing shaver with five individual flex action, double super thin heads that automatically adjust in respect to every curve of the scalp for that fine smooth shave. This will save you time and shaving in any direction including circular motions. It’s easy to clean and rinse with warm water without opening shaver heads.

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2. Remington Hc4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

The Remington HC4250 comes with the curved blade that will work awesomely on your head natural shape. Expect very comfortable and precise self-haircuts.

You won’t be afraid of running out of power in the middle of your shave.

This is one of the favorite designs as you will discover. It’s a lithium powered head trimmer that will provide you up to 40 minutes of cordless run time.

Its corded/cordless function conveniently emphasized for enough power to finish exactly what you started.

Remington Hc4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

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The ergonomic design it comes along with will leave you thrilled. It can fit comfortably in your hand for an all-round grip and ease of motion as you get your perfect shave confidently.

Power Curve Blade System

Its extra-wide curved blade is best for your natural head shape for a close and even cut. You will no doubt love the breeze around your ears and neck as it concentrates into detail during your shave.

Product Dimensions

The Remington is a 24.8 x 17.8 by 6.4 cm design and 522 g. This is great portability. Anticipate 9 Length additional Combs too. Its easily Washable and Storable. This is the best shaving machine for your head.

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3. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model At830/46) Frustration

One of my best shavers, the Philips Norelco shaver 4500 is designed with slots and holes to quickly and comfortably shave both long and short hair grains.

I fell in love with its modern shaver courtesy of embrace of Aquatec Technology. It comes with longer hours of usage for a minimum 8-hour charge.

The trimmer embraces of the latest Aquatec Technology, this allows you into modern shaving with the use of gel or foam for your extra skin protection or dry for convenience.

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A great gift is the shaver’s Aquatec Technology that allows you to shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin protection or dry for convenience.

Convenience Versus Usage

For best results, replace shaving head every 12 months with SH50/52 replacement head. You will find its integrated pop-up trimmer perfect for sideburns and mustache trimming. Shaves long hairs and short stubble too, thanks to its dual precision shaving system.

Its pivot, flex and float system keeps the heads in close contact with the skin for that quick and effective needed shave. Comes too with a patented super lift and cut Dual-blade action to lift hairs and cut comfortably below your skin level

Battery And Other Benefits

It comes with an LED charge battery, low and full indicator capability. It’s a user convenient 3-minute charge for one cordless shave. Charge to full for 8 hours for up to 50 minutes of shaving. You will enjoy its fully washable design for easy cleaning.

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4. Panasonic ES-RT97-S Arc3 Electric Razor

The Panasonic ES-RT97-S Arc Electric Razor is uniquely an electric razor and trimmer combined in one.

If you like a trimmer that will rise to your hand motion shaving conveniences, the Panasonic ES-RT97-S Arc is just the right one for you. It also has an irresistible motoring system too.

Stainless-steel, hypo-allergenic Arc3 foils naturally follow individual facial contours, pivoting shaver head glides effortlessly over face, chin, and neck.

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Body Design

The shaver comes with an Arc 3 men’s shaver plus a 3-blade cutting system and horned precision. It has an ultra-thin 30° edge blade for your fast, smooth electric shaving with outstanding closeness and comfort.

Shaving Compatibility

To transform the shaver into a trimmer, you are set to experience a 5-setting comb attachment plus a Slide-up 45° trimmer that perfects concentrated detail to mustaches and sideburns.

Powering Expectations

It comes with a High-powered Panasonic 10,000 rpm motor for consistent, streamlined shaving. Shave dry anytime or in the shower with foam or gel for wet dry convenience.

The premium Automatic Cleaning & Charging Station cleans, dries and charges the ES-RT97-S shaving machine with the touch of a button, keeping it fresh and ready for the next shave.

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5. Head Blade Sport Razor with Triple Blade Technology

This modern head blade sport ultimate head shaver works best for you, if you want in the shortest of time to have your shave committed.

You will use less of your resources and energy, further cutting down your long run budgetary shaving needs. One of the most comfortable too for that clear cut of the long tail needs.

As shaving goes on, accompanied small wheels smoothly keep smoothly moving on your head as the shaver goes busy at work.


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With a triple blade technology, your shaving will be closer and nest for a smooth shave on your head. It’s so easy, quick and fun to use enjoying every minute. The ergonomic design enables safe handling with ease.

User friendly

The shaver has got a small finger spacing looking like a hole for you to fix your finger allowing flexible hand motions while cutting the long grains. Chances of cuts and nicks are minimized by the elegant Head blade design. It will give you options for fixing sensor blades, providing you better level of closeness than single blade or razors.


This blade shaver is no doubt one of the most economical when it comes to cost. It uses Gillette plus blade cartridges as the blades, which take long to go blunt reducing replacements, hence costs.

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Things To Consider: Best Shaver for Head

If particularly you aren’t the coordinated, using a manual or straight razor can be a recipe for disaster. Long hair will jam up electric shavers; even standard ones sometimes don’t live to your expectations.

No worries, I have compiled for you the most critical aspects that need to be at your fingertips for one that will fit your skin type and personal preferences.

Your Budget

It’s important you understand your financial capability matched to the quality and your shaving needs. This will enable you to get a quality one, which can be slightly expensive, but at a good bargain price, you have an opportunity to find one that suits your taste.

Variety Of Blades Available

Some electric shavers are normally accused of not getting any close to even traditional ones. To get that close shave on your head, check out for top shavers with at least three blade options.

This is because the more blades your head trimmer has the closer the best of the shave you are going to get. Pop out trimmers in modern shavers too will bring down your long hairs with ease.


There is a difference between the speed of an electric shaver and shaving speed. This can be confusing to many. But not for you anymore. Speed doesn’t necessarily mean how quickly you can use your machine to shave but how fast your head trimmer blades can tactfully move about cutting your long hair.

Electric shavers speed is measured in cycles per minute (CPM). The lower the CPM, the more of a lousy and uncomfortable head shave you can expect. This could not be appropriate if your skin is a sensitive one. Keep off from low CPM electric shavers. Go for those with higher CPM.

Battery Life

If you can find a head shaver that can be plugged into a power source and used independently of one via a battery, that would be perfect for you. Having only one option might inconvenience you at some point.

The trimmer should operate at least an hour cordless. Higher end models can run for weeks, but you will need to go deep into your pocket. Regardless of that, they can be useful when traveling around.

Wet Plus Dry

Consider the possibility of your shaver being used as a gel or as to whether you need dry shaving. Wet and dry shavers will get you a closer shave quickly.

How to Shave Your Head by Yourself?

The bald head look is a hot one these days and can be used by men who are suffering from loss of hair. I once had a lot of hair, but after many years my head was not as full as it used to be, so I decided that shaving was a good idea. Since then I’ve never turned back.

How to Shave Your Head

Shaving your head is kind of scary at first because you have no real clue on how to do it, what kind of razor you need to use, what would it feel and look like, or even how to get the job done by yourself!​

Step by Step Guide to Shave Your Head by Yourself

  • Wet your head a little bit with warm water (or better yet, start shaving after taking a hot shower). Rub it to loosen up the hair follicles.
  • Use a shaving cream or gel. The choice is yours; here you can find the best shaving creams. Spread it evenly across your scalp.
  • Slip your finger in the Head blade ring and let it slide right over, from front to back with just one pass. Rinse after each one. Thanks to the wheels in the razor you don’t need to worry about shaping.
  • Keep up with long strokes and once you get to the sides of your head be extra careful. The skin around your ears feels a bit like a pillow and if you don’t take care you can end up with nicks. I had to learn this by experience!
  • Once you are done, rinse excess cream of your head and clean it with a towel. You are done! It is as easy as it sounds!

Head Shaving Tips

It can be somewhat daunting to shave the back of your head. This is an area that you can’t see without the help of two mirrors at least, and even then it is tricky to shave. Don’t worry, with the razor you’ll learn to do it by feel.

Don’t press to hard on your skin while passing the razor or you can harm yourself. It happened to me the first time, so it is good to remember that even with the safe design this is still a blade.

The first times you shave your head you’ll feel razor burn. This is normal and stops once you start shaving regularly, but avoid shaving while you still have the burn or else it can get worse.

Final Words

A shaved head can be a great look for many men and styles. It’s a great solution for those with thinning hair, especially those with advanced balding, in which other hairstyles for balding men no longer apply.

A shaved head can make you look dominant, confident, and younger. But before you whip out the razor blade, you first need to assess whether the shaved head style will work for you as this is dependent upon the size and shape of your head and face.

Be sure also to check out the benefits of shaving your head infographic to help assist you in your decision. Once you’ve determined the shaved head is the right look for you, it’s time to get down to business.

Hope this review about best head shaver will help you to find the best one.