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Best Jojoba Oil Reviews In 2021 | For Hair, Skin and Total Body Care

The American Indians used many plants and herbs in the early years to treat disease and infection, and one of those whose dermatological properties have become more well-known and appreciated is that of Jojoba Oil. The Indians recognized its healing properties and they used it for treating wounds and skin sores.

Today, the best jojoba oil and its amazing natural qualities are used in increasingly more cosmetic and medicinal preparations. It has strong anti- bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, in addition to being well absorbed by the skin.

Because of its chemical composition, it is very like the sebum produced by our skin, however it does not block our pores. Rather, it acts as a protective layer and has virtually no allergic properties.

Comparison Chart

Image Name Uses For Brand Price

Desert Essence Jojoba 4 Ounce Bottle

Hair, Skin and Scalp

Desert Essence

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Teak Naturals Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Hair, Skin and Body

Teak Naturals

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Viva Naturals Pressed Hexane-Organic

Hair, Skin and Scalp

Viva Naturals

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NOW Organic Jojoba Oil

Hair, Skin and Bathing

NOW Foods

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100% Pure Cold Pressed Natural Jojoba Oil

Hair, Skin and Body

Leven Rose

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Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil

Skin, Hair and Nails

Majestic Pure

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Variety Moisturizing Oils Sampler

For Healthy Skin

NOW Foods

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Jojoba Oil Golden Organic 100% Pure

Skin and Wrinkle

Dr Adorable

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After reviewing most of the Jojoba oils on the market, our list of the 10 oils are based on popularity, features and price as found in hair and skin care products.

Skin Expert Picks Of 10 Best Jojoba Oil 2021 Reviews

1. Desert Essence Jojoba 4 Ounce Bottle

A pure and natural plant extract, this is a perfect oil for softening your hands and feet – especially if you live in a warmer climate and go bare foot a lot – your feet will need to look and feel soft and silky.

This Desert Essence is very good for moisturizing your skin, removing make up and cleansing your pores and it does not leave any oily residue.

Pure Jojoba Oil, 4-Ounce

It can also be used as a softening oil when you have been in the sun all day long and your hair feels dry and coarse. Use this oil to put an end to dry scalp and dandruff problems. This might be the best jojoba oil for hair growth.

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2. Teak Naturals 100% Organic Teak Naturals Jojoba Oil

This Jojoba Oil has many uses for your hair, skin, and scalp. It comes in a conveniently sized bottle with a dropper so you never use too much or waste any – and it does not leak if you lie the bottle on its side.

It also has a pleasant smell. You can use this oil with any other skin care products such as soap, foaming cleaners or talcum powder and it does not hinder their goodness in penetrating your skin at all.

Teak Naturals 100 Percent Organic Teak Naturals Jojoba Oil

This oil works very well for men who want to tame their hair and beards, and it leaves a glossy shine. One of the best jojoba oil for face.

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3. Viva Naturals Pressed Hexane-Organic – Best jojoba oil for acne

This product is an amazingly versatile body and facial oil, as well as hair and scalp moisturizer. Its uses are many – including soothing burning sun burn, calming irritated skin, cleansing off stubborn make-up.

It includes fabulous nutrients like iodine, Vitamins E & B, as well as fatty acids. Because of its natural oil properties, it restores frizzy hair and flaking scalps to their previous glory. The oil in this Jojoba Oil is the best match to the natural oil our skin produces,

Viva Naturals Cold Pressed and Hexane Free Organic Jojoba Oil

so when used it simply harnesses all our natural oils to give us beautiful glowing healthy skin.

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4. NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil

Wonderful multi-purpose organic Jojoba Oil for your skin, body, and hair. Fantastic when used as a carrier oil with essential oils when having a massage. It leaves your skin with an overall silky, smooth feeling. It contains an invigorating scent and is used widely in many cosmetic preparations.

If you are worried about getting wrinkles and dry skin, then this is the oil for you – it has fantastic anti-aging properties mixed into a serum which will give you youthful looking skin for many years. Our products are soft and gentle on your skin as they contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic additives.

NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil

If you suffer with your oily skin then you can go for it. Because according to my personal experience this is the best jojoba oil for oily skin.

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5. Leven Rose Organic 100% Pre-Cold Pressed

A nourishing, moisturizing oil for all skin types with no traces of any ester of Para hydroxybenzoic acid (sometimes used in cosmetic preparations and has been found in breast cancer).

This Jojoba Oil provides the most anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is particularly good for skin rashes, dry, chapped skin, stretch marks and sun spot marks. It can also be used to remove make-up and to prevent bad acne. Read more about causing acne.

Being absorbed quickly, it does not leave any greasy residue on the skin. There is no fragrance to give you allergies, and it is Kosher friendly. For men, it assists with caring for an unruly beard keeping it neat and shining. You would’t find the any best jojoba oil for natural hair without this.

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6. Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil

Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil is a fantastic gentle product that can be used on irritated or sunburnt skin without burning or stinging.

It is rich in healing properties and is used in many cosmetic products including moisturizers, hair conditioners, make up remover lotions, body lotion and lip balms.

It can also be used as a carrier oil for deep tissue herbal massages as it has wonderful anti-inflammatory qualities.

As far as preserving your youthful skin and prevent signs of aging goes, this is the oil to be used. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and leaves no oily residue. The oil contains no pesticides and is framed in a sustainable manner.

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7. Now Foods Variety Moisturizing Oils: Jojoba

Fantastic sample size of oil – perfect to buy if you want to test it out before buying a bigger bottle. It also has a great scent. Can be used for massages mixed with other essential oils, or simply as a skin care product to soften and moisten the skin.

Gives you wonderful results – soft, smooth, silky skin. It also preserves your skin putting off the signs of aging as your skin retains its elasticity and dewy, youthful look. The oil is very rich in nutritional ingredients containing long-chain essential fatty acids.

If you have very curly or kinky hair, the jojoba oil is great for smoothing that out and giving your hair a more tamed look. And it works wonders for unruly beards on men. It will take place in any list of best jojoba oil for hair loss.

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8. Jojoba Golden Organic 100% Pure

This is pure, uncut cold pressed Jojoba Oil. It has the most marvelous properties to help with eczema and psoriasis, which are 2 of the most annoying skin conditions to have, and they look so unsightly.

Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin and gently, slowly heals all redness, flakiness and rashes. The oil is readily absorbed into the skin and leaves no oily, greasy residue – your skin remains smooth, cool and dewy.

Please check the packaging carefully and look for claims of “pure” oil – many customers are complaining that this is not a pure oil, and that it is not Jojoba Oil. Please research before buying.

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9. 100% Organic Cold Pressed Golden

Cold pressed Jojoba Oil is a form of the oil that keeps all the nutrients together to nourish your skin. In its unrefined form, all the properties to soothe and moisturize your skin and hair are right there to use.

Besides being used as a moisturizer and make-up remover, you can also tame curly hair and shine your beard with this great oil. In addition, it can be worked into your nails and cuticles to combat brittle, flaky nails and dry skin.

If, during the winter months, your skin feels tight and itchy, rub some Jojoba oil into it and see and feel the difference. You will instantly feel more pampered and more comfortable.

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10. Jojoba Oil Organic Pressed

Jojoba Oil is a fantastic must have beauty product with a wide variety of proven uses for hair, skin and nails.

Even for men, this oil can be used to keep a beard neat and tidy, looking healthy and shiny, and it can be used as an odorless after shave lotion to soothe and soften the skin.

If you got badly sun burnt or have stubborn make up to remove, this Jojoba oil will do the trick. It is cold pressed which means all its goodness and healing properties are kept in the product and passed on to the consumer.

You can buy this large container of Jojoba Oil without worrying about it going off or getting lumpy – it can be stored and used safely for years.

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What Is Jojoba Oil ?

Can you believe that in the 2nd World War, jojoba oil was added to motor oil and transmission oil and used to lubricate guns?! Whew – thank goodness it is now used in the cosmetics industry alone. It is commonly used as a carrier oil, meaning that it is harvested from the fatty seeds of the plant, and is used to dilute other essential oils that would otherwise be too strong and too damaging for our skin.

When looking for Jojoba oil to use on your skin, you want to look for cold pressed Jojoba Oil that is a bright and golden color, and which has organic properties. With these attributes, it has many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, B complex, Zinc and Copper. It is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

How to Choose the Best Jojoba Oil

Some many people use so many different oils on their skin that you need to be careful and sure before you start any new skin care regime with an oil. Oil is traditionally OIL – i.e. very greasy, oily, and not easily absorbed into your skin – most woman will know that they have always been told to keep away from oil as it will just make your skin oilier, however, Jojoba Oil is the exception to the rule.

Apart from the oiliness, there are several other characteristics to read about before you choose your favorite Jojoba Oil.

  • Veronica Gorgeois, a well-known professional aesthetician, has stated that when choosing an oil, you have to pay attention to whether it will clog your pores or not. Everyone knows that you do not want oil clogging your pores which will cause your skin to break out in blackheads and ugly, red pimples! Some oils clog more than others, but we want an oil that is “comedogenic” – i.e. that does not have clogging properties;
  • Most oils are made up of a mixture of acids and other ingredients, including linoleic acid and oleic acid. The ratio of these 2 acids to each other is what is important when choosing the best Jojoba Oil. People who have acne usually have low levels of linoleic acid compared to oleic acid. This makes the sebum their skin secretes sticky and thick and then it ends up blocking your pores and causing acne. To prevent this happening, these people need to use oil that has a higher concentration of linoleic acid than oleic acid. Oils with this feature include grape see oil, rose hip oil, hemp seed oil among others.
  • Make very sure that the oil you are buying does not also include a host of other ingredients. You are probably paying quite a bit and you need to make sure that you are paying for 100% pure Jojoba Oil itself and not all the other additives. Sometimes you will find refined Jojoba Oil mixed with cold pressed Jojoba Oil – and that is not what you want. So be very careful – read the packaging carefully.
  • It is also very important to buy 100% ORGANIC Jojoba Oil. Remember it is going onto your skin, onto your face – it has to be the right stuff! Jojoba Oil will moisturize and nourish your skin all over your body if it is the correct 100% organic product – if not, you will soon notice pimples or other rashes possibly starting to alert you to the fact that your oil was not completely organic. Pay a little more and get a high quality natural product.
  • You also have to make sure that the Jojoba Oil is cold pressed. This tells you that it is the purest oil that you can get – you skin will love you when this gets rubbed into it gently. As the nut of the Jojoba is pressed and squeezed to extract the oil, the very first unrefined oil that comes out is the oil you want. The balance of the oil is more refined and not of such a high quality, and it needs other ingredients added to it to make it useable. Get the unrefined Jojoba Oil – perfect for your skin.

The Benefits of Jojoba Oil

First of all, let’s find out where Jojoba Oil comes from. It really started becoming well known from the 1970s although the native American Indians had discovered its fantastic benefits many centuries ago as a balm to treat wounds, skin rashes and sores. It comes from the Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Plant, and is made from the seeds it sheds. The shrub grows wild in Northwestern Mexico, Southern Arizona, and Southern California.

Here are some points to think about when considering the benefits of Jojoba Oil for you and your skin:

  • Jojoba Oil has a unique quality in that it behaves like the oil our own skins secretes, so it is very well tolerated and absorbed into your skin without leaving an oily film. It is great for brittle nails, flaky cuticles, dry lips, or just hard dry body skin. It nourishes your skin fast and beautifully;
  • If you are one of those poor people who suffers from eczema or psoriasis, you have finally found a cure in Jojoba Oil. Within a few days of dutiful application of jojoba oil, your skin will feel like new and all traces or a rash and scars will have disappeared. Your skin will be plump and smooth to the touch.
  • Acne – isn’t that the most awful affliction to have? It has been documented that the application of Jojoba Oil on blemished skin will remove all traces of acne and pimples. It has anti-bacterial and ant inflammatory properties which assist in healing the skin and bringing it back to normal – clear and dewy;
  • Curly hair – are you one of the lucky ones with beautiful, glossy curly hair or are you one of the ones with awful dry frizzy hair that never does what it is supposed to do?! Never mind – the cure is here at long last – natural Jojoba Oil massaged into your hair will make it soft and manageable and tame those wild curls. You will not know yourself with gorgeous glowing locks of curly hair cascading down your back – Jojoba Oil will keep it in the perfect style. The fat from the nuts of the Jojoba plant treat your hair from the inside out;
  • Still with your hair, if you suffer from dry scalp or dandruff, you need Jojoba Oil – it clears up all flaky skin from your scalp and helps to moisturize and nourish it so keeping your hair healthy and glossy looking.

So now you have beautiful hair and skin. How do you get your makeup off and get your skin looking soft and moist again? You use Jojoba Oil to remove your makeup! Stubborn waterproof makeup that you battle to get off will melt off when you use Jojoba Oil – it is creamy and softly removes makeup with a gentle touch so your skin looks glowing and natural again. It will also moisturize your skin as you sleep all night long leaving your skin feeling fresh and dewy when you wake in the morning.

Wrapping It Up All

As you can see it is quite a process to find the purest best Jojoba Oil. But I think you will find it well worth it when you skin looks beautiful, smooth, and dewy and you have people complimenting you on your amazing ‘glowing’ complexion.

Keeping your skin smooth will now be your priority as you do not want to lose your new-found confidence and the interesting facts you have learnt on which Jojoba Oil is best for your skin.

From all the extremely expensive products out there today for your skin, you know in your heart that you have found the answer, and you can now spread the word. Having beautiful skin does not cost the earth – you must know how to look after it – that is what is important.