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Best Safety Razor In 2021 – Guide & Reviews

Getting a smoother face is something that many men would like, and such is made possible through shaving.

Through the years, a variety of innovations have been introduced within the product category to differentiate one product from another. These innovative features have made shaving a lot easier, and most importantly, less irritating.

It requires the need to have one specific product to be compared to another to be provided with an assurance of ending up with the best choice.

And with the many razor brands available in the market currently, then choosing what will serve you best becomes a bit of a challenge.

Best Safety Razors Compared

So to choose the best safety razor, it’s essential to come up with a number of factors that you will have to consider first. And together with this review, then selecting your best safety razor that will suit your needs perfectly will become a very easy task.

Following a very in-depth research and detailed experience with various safety blades in the market, I was able to come up with this list in which this model topped my list.

Best Safety Razor 2021 Reviews

1. MerkurFutur Adjustable Safety Razor (700) Razor

I love its sleek design and it’s amazing finish makes this razor stand out. I just think it’s an amazing piece with effective performance. I find this piece quite irresistible, and I know most men would love it too.

The safety razor has a beautiful satin finish that makes it very outstanding and eye appealing. I love its finish since it makes the razor piece very beautiful and attractive. I just can’t say no to use it over and over again.

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Double Edge Design

The Merkur safety razor has a double edge design that makes it very outstanding. I mean the design is very elegant and makes the razor a masterpiece. I love this design since I think elegance starts from minor things that we possess.

Adjustable Razor Blade Angle

One thing I love about this razor blade is its adjustable razor blade angle. I find this feature very amazing since I can adjust the blade angle to whatever angle I desire. I can easily change from 450 to 300 which is always very handy.

Comfortable Shave

The safety razor blade gives you a comfortable shave which makes it very amazing. I have never experienced such a smooth, comfortable shave like this; I just find this razor very outstanding with effective performance. Check Latest Price and Stock

2. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

At times a nice befitting smooth cut is all one requires. I just can’t help but think the razor is a masterpiece that stands out. I love everything about this safety razor, and I think it’s a one of a kind.

The long handle is very handy. I don’t see any need of one experiencing discomfort just because the razor handle is very short and slippery.

The Merkur long handle is very great for people with large hands which make it very comfortable and easy to use.

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High-Quality Shaving

The razor has effective trimming capacity that is very A rated. Its shaving is of high quality that will leave you fully satisfied with its amazing results. I just love the high-quality shaving this razor offer.

Sturdy Finish

The razor has a very sturdy finish that makes it have a strong body. I totally find its sturdy finish very amazing and makes the razor very long lasting and reliable. I have used it for almost three consecutive years, and it still stands out. Check Latest Price and Stock

3. Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Razor

When I think of razor, the first think that crosses my mind is its effective and smooth cut. And this Edwin safety razor is very amazing, and its results are very impressive. Everything about this razor is very pleasing and amazing.

The safety razor has a head that can fit all standard DE blades. Or you are never restricted to one using one type of a DE blade, but instead, all DE blades can easily be used.

I love the fact that I can easily use other DE blades which don’t inconvenience me at any given time.

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Shaves As Close As A Straight Razor

If you love having a close shave, then this Edwin razor is the perfect suit for your needs. It’s designed even to shave on a very close range with very minimal injuries occurring. I just love every bit of its close shave since it gives a smooth amazing result.

Excellent Balance For A Close Shave

It’s always very important for a razor to have balance because a balanced razor is vital for that excellent balance when close shaving. I mean who wouldn’t want to have a close shaving just because the razor is imbalanced?

Smart And Durable

The razor is very durable when it comes to giving one service. I think every man would desire to own a razor that is very long lasting and reliable always. It can withstand all the hardship tests and remain the same after some time of constant use. Check Latest Price and Stock

4. The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor

If you are looking for a high-end safety razor that will give you the much desired effective performance, then this amazing blue beards piece will best suit your needs. It’s always amazing when it comes to its design, and its overall look is very sassy and outstanding.

The razor has a very light weighted with an overall weight of razor 67g. Its light weight makes it handling very easy and comfortable. I love how easy I can handle the razor for an extended period without getting tired.

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Chrome Plated Double Edged Wet Razor

The blue beard safety razor has a chrome plated double edged wet razor that makes it very handy when it comes to wet shaving. I don’t think any man would resist this razor because it’s a double edge which results to a smooth, clear-cut.

Precision-Engineered All-Metal Construction

Just imagine owning a safety razor that has all metal construction and how amazingly durable it can be? Yes, this blue beards razor is a one of a kind razor that has a precision engineered all metal that makes it have incredible clear cuts. I love the how the razor gives a précised cut too.

Good Length

The razor has an overall length of the razor is 95mm which makes its handling very comfortable and easy to handle. I have never loved a short length razor that is very uncomfortable when I can always have a nice comfortable handle. Check Latest Price and Stock

5. Parker 66R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

When it comes to perfect smooth save, I just think of Parker safety razor that has never be a disappointment or failure to me.

It’s effortlessly good, and everything about it is totally amazing including its perfect design.

The safety razor has a 3.75-inch long textured handle that gives an individual the required comfort and makes sure that the handle is never slippery regardless of whether the hands are wet and soapy.

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The Parker safety razor is made of 100 % brass frame that makes it very reliable. I have never doubted this razor even for a minute, and I still love its material. I don’t think anyone would find this safety razor a disappointment.

Sharp, Super Chrome Double Edge

The razor has a sharp, super Chrome double edge that is included. I love how sharp the blades are, and they tend to remain the same for a longer time duration which is very amazing. I have never regretted having purchased this amazing razor.

Long Lasting

Think of a long lasting safety razor, and I will promise you that this Parker model will totally suit you. It’s specifically designed to last longer than required and I have never experienced any issues concerning the razor wearing off. Check Latest Price and Stock

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Safety Razor

Before you could think of purchasing a safety razor that will perfectly suit your needs, it’s very important to have some factors to consider first.

Cleaning Station

Some shavers are designed with a cleaning station that keeps the shaving head free of buildup and this extends their life. Cleaning stations may also leave the razor with a fresh, clean scent. So it’s very important to consider whether the razor features a cleaning station or not.

The Razor Material

The razor should always be made of stainless steel which are very difficult to get stained. I mean, it’s important to keep the razor blades stain free. Plus stainless steel makes the blades very long lasting.

Price Range

It’s always advised to purchase an item that is within your budget range. I think it’s crucial to purchase a safety razor that you can easily afford so that you avoid straining your pockets. I don’t see the reason as to why you should get into debts or be extravagant just because you want to purchase a safety razor.


It’s essential to purchase durable safety blades that will serve you for a long duration than to buy a safety razor that will easily wear off. Mostly, a stainless steel safety blade is very durable and reliable.

Handle Design

Most individuals love safety blades that have a comfortable handle design that is very gentle on hands and very easy to handle. I don’t see the reason as to why one would just purchase a safety razor that is very uncomfortable and difficult to handle.

Safety Razor Shaving Tips

So you want to shave how real men shave. Well, I’m proud, because you decided to go with one of the best. Safety razor shaving will not only dramatically improve your overall shave quality, but it will give you a new sense of proud in taking the time to do something right.

I will give you a few tricks that were passed on to me when I began safety razor shaving. I’ve passed these tricks on to my customers and it got them off to a good start with wet shaving. So, with all that being said, here are some solid tips for shaving with a double edge (safety razor).

30 Degrees

When shaving with a multi-blade it’s easy to become dependent on the pivoting technology. No matter how we hold the handle on those Gillette and Shick razors, it will always remain flush with skin. That’s because those blades are positioned at 30 degrees, which is the “ideal cutting angle.”

Now, I don’t know it that’s exact science or a rough estimate, but I do know that if you hold the safety razor handle somewhere between 30-45 degrees, you will get some good cutting action.

Keeping the handle at that angle throughout the entire shave will do the trick. Be sure to slow down at the jawline. There is where it gets tricky because the angle changes drastically. It’s not terribly difficult; it will only take a few shaves to get comfortable.

Pressure is a No-No

Again, when shaving with a multi-blade, its pivoting technology relies on you keeping the blade pressed against the skin. This allows the blades to follow the contours of your face with no problem. However, it’s not such a good idea when using the safety.

Providing that your blade is sharp and you properly prepped the hair prior to the shave, the double edge will need no assistance from you to cut the whiskers. It will cut indeed. Just let it rest with its own weight on the skin and simply guide it across the grain.

If you press it against your face, you are more likely to cause irritation or injury to the skin. So, remember, no pressure.

The Short Stroke and The Other Side

Now most men, are familiar with the long sweeping stroke to make passes, but with the safety it’s really nice to execute short strokes. I find myself using a combination of both long and short strokes to make passes, but the short strokes are definitely my favorite.

I learned this technique from GeoFatBoy’s YouTube channel. This is very effective for shavers in a hurry. You can really knock out a shave with a minimum of two passes in about 5 minutes. I like to move right to left making about 4-5 short strokes on each side of the safety razor before rinsing. That’s half of my face already shaven (not including my neck) before even making my first rinse.

Let me also mention that I don’t have to spend precious time unclogging the razor, like those poor gents using a multi-blade. When I go to rinse the blade, as soon as the water hits the razor, the hair’s gone and I’m shaving again with nothing slowing me down. If that’s not efficiency, I don’t know what is.

Finally, and that’s enough to get you started. Besides most of what you will learn will be via trial and error. Practice getting to know your face and your hair growth pattern, and always make sure to do a good prep before a shave. You want those hairs nice and soft so that the poor safety doesn’t have to work harder than it has to. Start with-the-grain first (the direction the hair grows in) and you will be perfectly fine.

Final Words

Your general physique is serious business, as your girlfriend, wife or partner will tell you. Get the right tools for the job and make sure that no hair is out of place. And with the right safety razor, all your desires can easily be achieved.

As they say, our first impression matters and why don’t you uplift your first impression by being well-groomed courtesy of these best safety razors.

At times deciding the best safety razor can be challenging and confusing, but if you have a number of things that you have to consider plus the described safety razors above, am sure your selection process will become very easy and simple.