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Best Straight Razor Guide & Reviews

Shaving your beard is almost an art. From the blade to expertly maneuvering your way through the curves on the face and finding every single strand without fail. It takes a lot of dexterity on the part of the user.

Image experts say people make an impression on someone the first 7 to 17 seconds that they meet them and as such having that beard on or not having it come means a lot with concern to what signals you want to send.

Best Straight Razors Compared

A great looking well-trimmed beard is a wonderful fashion accessory, but in cases like a job interview, the actual job itself or even a business meeting where it is important that you look official, a smooth and glabrous cheek could pass a significant message.

Therefore, finding the right straight shaver becomes an important matter and in this article, you will be saved the trouble. The best are reviewed here.

Best Straight Razor 2021 Reviews

1. RZ-2085, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Straight Razor

A powerful combination of beautiful design and sturdy body, this straight razor gives other very good razors in the market a run for their money. Its features are well thought out and implemented.

If a product doesn’t last then what’s the need of even buying it in the first place? In this day and age, everything should be made to stay and stay long. This product is made of Damascus steel which means save from being sturdy and strong; it has an impressively long life span.

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Beautiful Design

Just like is typical of anything that’s nice and classy, performance is just not enough to make a product a great product. The design, beauty and physical appeal of the product has to be on point. This product is simply beautiful I don’t even need to add more. The pattern on the blade is simply breathe taking.

Hard Blade

If the blade of a straight razor is weak and seems like it is about to break down every time you put it to task, then it is probably not the best razor. The RZ- 2085 custom handmade Damascus straight razor is made with a hard blade that can be trusted to do its job excellently.

Very Sharp Edge

Sharpness cannot be compromised in a straight razor. That’s like imagining a pen with no ink; it’s not a pen anymore. Therefore the blade of the razor should be sharp as this one is. Put it to the test, and you will be surprised at how good it is at taking down hair.

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2. Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Folding Knife,Stainless Blade, Black Plastic Handle 201 081

With the sharp competition already there among razors to be the best, this razor has some wonderful features to put it put it up there with the crème de la crème of razors. And sure it doesn’t disappoint.

As said earlier, durability and strength of performance are a major factor in a straight razor.

The makers of the Dovo straight razor black understand this squarely and thus have made this product with the best material for this function. A Soligen Carbon Steel blade. With this, you never have to worry about durability ever.

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Black Synthetic Handle

It’s not just the razor that needs to have time and thought put into it; the handle is also another very significant part of the whole package. The Dovo Straight razor black is made with a black synthetic handle that is easy on the hands and at the same time tough and strong.

Very Sharp Edge

This is a basic factor for every razor, but not all razors meet the standards that they should for a good shave. The sharpness exhibited by this razor is just incredible; you have to use it to prove it. I can bet you will be madly impressed.

Wonderful Design

Beauty can never be overlooked, never be overemphasized. A good design that is appealing to the eye can win the approval of many people sometimes even when the product is not itself a very good performer. But this one, aside from just performing well, it looks just wonderful.

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3. Whetstone 10.5 Inch Straight Razor

The whetstone also pays close attention to the fact that appealing to the eye cannot be compromised even when performance is wonderful. Therefore apart from good at its job, it’s great to look at.

The makers of this product knew that sharpness is the strength of any shaving razor and as you would expect, they gave it exactly that.

With its extremely sharp edge, the Whetstone 10.5 inch straight razor can work wonders on your beard.

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Acid Etched Handle Design

The design on this product proves that a lot of thought and investment was put into making this shaver. Not just any design is a beautiful or appealing design. The whetstone razor is made with an acid etched handle design. How about sophistication!

100% Stainless Steel

Also, this product is made to stay strong and in good condition for a very long period. The blade is made with a hundred percent stainless steel to make sure durability does not become an issue at any one point of the using of the razor.

Hard Blade

The blade of the Whetstone 10. 5-inch straight razor is made to be hard so that it makes your shave easy, effective and enjoyable. On top of that, it is great to handle and lasts a long, long time compared to other rather weak blades.

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4. Whetstone Cutlery Set Of 2 Todd Sweeney Razor

It is not enough to have just one of a good, great, wonderful product. This product comes with its twin. Two in one.

Use them for a long time or give one to someone special, either way, you get two of the best!

The amount of investment put into the design of a razor can tell you whether the razor is a good one or just an everyday mediocre razor.

The Whetstone Cutlery straight razors are made with acid etched handle design for that added beauty appeal.

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Set Of 2 Knives

What’s better than a nice clean, classy whetstone straight razor? Two! As amazing as it sounds this incredible product is so good in one piece to imagine if they are two. Out of this world! With this set of two knives, you get double the incredible service.

100% Stainless Steel

I wouldn’t buy it if I had known it wasn’t made of the best. Stainless steel is the best, and that is why the makers of this straight razor used it because they understand the importance of it. Steel stays for long and is less prone to performance and issues.

Extremely Sharp

It can be a very difficult task to shave with a blade that just passes over and doesn’t run through hair cutting as it should. The Whetstone Cutlery straight razor is made to be extremely sharp for the reason that a razor performs best when sharpest.

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5. Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor

Safety has to be among the topmost factors when coming up with or inventing new equipment.

This product personifies safety aside from its usual normal job. So if you are out for a blade that cares for you, this is the one to have.

The best straight razor needs to be made with every material carefully analyzed and put into consideration. You cannot have a metal that rusts to make up any part of the product.

This product is made with a genuine stainless steel blade arm, perfect for use.

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Rounded Exposure At The End Of Blade

As usual, a straight razor needs to be sharp to be a good razor; however, it is going to be used by humans, and thus it must be made with safety measures and cautions in mind. This product has done that by having a rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment to avert dangers of cuts.

Snap Lock Blade Holder

It is not very pleasant to have parts of an appliance or piece of equipment hanging around. If it doesn’t pose a danger of spoiling, then it is the risk of hurting or injuring someone. The Parker SR1 Stainless steel straight edge razor is made with a snap/ lock blade holder for holding the blade in place.

Accepts Barber Shop Single Edge Blades

Just like humans are not islands, equipment also needs other equipment to function perfectly or effectively. The straight razor needs to accept other blades to be able to work at optimum. This product is compatible with barber shop single edge blades which is a great boost to the whole shaving process.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Straight Razor

The number of straight razors that exist out in the market are endless and all of them claiming to be the best. However, it is important to vet each of them to see if they do what they say they can. The factors below are what to consider in finding a good straight razor.

The Material Making Up The Razor

The material that makes up a razor says a lot about the razor in many lights. First is durability and also ease and comfort of handling. A razor made up of steel and stainless steel at that, is known commonly to have a longer lifespan than other less sturdy materials. The handle should also be made of comfortable and easy to handle material.

Safety Of The User

Razors are made to be extremely sharp for the reason that they should be able to achieve precision aside from being able to perform their functions effectively. But it also needs to take care of the fact that it will be used by humans and therefore be made in such a way that safety is put into consideration.

Snap/ Lock Blade Holder

As said earlier, blades can be awfully dangerous if not handled carefully and as such, they should be made with the maximum safety measures possible for the good of the user. When the blade goes into the holder, it needs to lock in nicely and hold safely.


What job is a blade meant to do? When you answer this question correctly, you begin understanding why sharpness is actually among the most important factors to consider when buying a straight blade. A blunt blade can be the most frustrating thing you ever come across preparing yourself for the day.


Everything in life that man makes should have beauty and elegance incorporated into it otherwise, it would be a mediocre half- done piece of work. Any straight razor should be able to attract the eye of the user and make the user happy to have it around because it is probably something they are going to use every day.

Final Words

When choosing best straight razor, you cannot just buy any and hope and pray that it gives you what you want. You need to find out from the market, which are the best to use.

This article has simplified this process for you and from the list above you can find that dream razor that meets all or most of the criteria you set for a blade.