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Cut Down the Cost of Your Electric Pre Shave

Using a pre shaving solution with your electric shavers can help you achieve very positive results. But, since pre shaving products are often quite expensive, is there an option for you? You actually can make your own pre shave lotion, which I believe make your electric pre shave worthier.

Making your own pre shave can be a nature-friendly endeavor and a budget-friendly effort. The do-it-yourself pre shave is also one that you can use with either electric shaver or conventional razor blades. This is better than buying expensive commercialized pre shaving products.

Here’s some good news, especially to those who have very sensitive skin. You can actually use oils, which are very natural and healthy for your skin. The recipe and procedure for making an oil-based pre shave solution right in your own home are very easy to follow.

As if that is not enough, the materials and ingredients are also easy to acquire: castor oil, olive oil, any essential oil of your preference (for fragrance), and a dark non-transparent container with a lid. You can practically buy these from any gift shop in your area.

  • First, you need to find an empty bottle or used jar. It is not necessary to buy one; this way, you can save money. This will serve as the container to store your pre shaving oil. The empty jar or bottle should be dark and not clear and transparent.
  • Fill up to a third of the bottle with olive oil. Then, pour the castor oil until it almost fills the bottle. Just make sure you leave enough space to provide for 4 to 7 drops of essential oil. You can purchase any essential oil of your choice. The essential oil will be used for fragrance or scent. Lavender essential oil would also be a better choice as ingredient. If you don’t want your pre shave to have any scent, don’t add in any essential fragrance.
  • Seal tightly the lid of the container and shake the container well. That should mix the castor and olive oils together. And, voila! You’re done!

​This pre shave is not only easy to make but is also affordable. You don’t have to spend so much money on the ingredients. Another good thing with making your own pre shave oil is that you can use it as a gift for friends and relatives, which can be another money-saving idea. The materials are very safe for the skin, very helpful to the environment because they are organic, and best of all, they work well whether you use traditional razors or men’s electric shavers.

Proper Use of Pre shave with Electric Shaver

Pre shave products are very important when you use the best electric shaver. Pre shave oils or lotions are widely used to help smoothen the skin and prevent burns when shaving. They are also used to open the pores of the skin and soften the hair for easy facial hair removal. You should know how to properly use pre shave so that you can get its full benefits.

Pre shave oil is best to use before shaving with electric razors. It is an effective component in softening the facial hair and in opening of skin pores. Pre shave oils and creams that use natural oils such as olive or coconut oil are way better than mineral oils, which tend to cause pore blockage and damage to the skin.

There are actually oils recommended for use with electric shavers. These make the hair rise so that cutting the hair will be smooth and the electric shavers will easily slide across the surface. There are also pre shaving powders used for electric razors. Such powders will protect the skin from irritation and will coat the hair so that it will stand apart from the skin, allowing electric razors to cut the hair easily.

In using electric shavers, first put a drop of oil onto the blade so that it will pass across the blade. This will make shaving with the use of electric razor easier. It would be better do your shave under warm or hot shower because the humidity will make the hair easier to remove. Just make sure that before you shave with your electric razor, your skin should be dry. Talcum powder is good to apply for faster drying of skin after the pre shaving procedure.

In order to remove the excess oil on the skin when using an electric shaver, try using a pre shaving lotion with alcohol content. This will remove the excess oil on the skin. But, if you are sensitive to alcohol then better have some pre shave without alcohol content.

When shaving, the direction of the electric razor should be opposite to the direction of hair growth. Using electric shavers may take you more days to getting used to the effects compared to the ordinary razor. The entire procedure in using men’s electric razors is still the same as that using razors, actually. The difference probably is in the substance of the pre shave that you use.​