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Home Remedies For Straightening Hair | Covered Every Possible Way

Shiny, smooth and straight hair is a dream for every girl. Hair straightening was pioneered by the 1890s girl where she used different techniques to straighten hair and give it a streamlined and sleek appearance.

Modernized methods of hair straightening have their adverse effects, including permanent, alter the hair structure. After learning of these natural ways to straighten my hair, I have not visited the salon for this purpose and use no heat for straightening hair.

Home Remedies For Straightening Hair

More research showing the negative effects of these artificial methods has continued to surface, and specialist has been recommending more natural ways to do it.

The contemporary woman has been advised to use natural methods to yield the same results minus the adversities. I have come up with several ways of hair straightening which I have tried with my best friend who is also my roommate.

Coconut Milk

This remedy has been proven to have a moisturizing ability and ability to give your hair a beautiful shine and luster. It also has been praised for its ability to be anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral and will for sure make your hair free of any infection. You will need fresh coconut milk, lemon juice, and shampoo

Coconut Milk for hair straighten

  • Mix one cup of fresh coconut milk and the lemon juice in a glass jar
  • Put the glass jar in the refrigerator for a few hours until a creamy layer forms on the top
  • Use this cream to massage your hairband leave it on for about 20 minutes
  • Cover your head with a shower cap or a swimming cap and wrap a warm moist towel around the cap and leave it for about half an hour
  • Shampoo and condition it
  • Comb it while still wet then allow it to dry


Milk is rich in protein, and the hair specialist will tell you how the protein in the milk fortifies the hair shafts, making hair strands smooth and frizz free. You will need a cup of milk, two tablespoon of honey and freshly mashed strawberries

  • Add two tablespoon honey to milk and stir
  • Add freshly mashed strawberries while stirring
  • After stirring well, apply the mixture to your hair thoroughly and leave it for about 2 hours
  • Rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo

Eggs And Olive Oil

This method will not only soften your hair but also condition and straighten it naturally. I still remember the look on my sister’s face when I told her I only used eggs and olive oil to straighten my hair. You will need two eggs and four tablespoons of olive oil

Eggs And Olive Oil for hair straightening

  • Beat the two eggs, add four tablespoon olive oil and mix the two ingredients thoroughly
  • Apply the mixture to your scalp and leave for about an hour
  • Rinse and wash off with mild shampoo

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful herb for not only hair but also known to treat a whole wide range of ailments. It contains enzymes that promote smooth and soft hair growth. Try it, and you won’t regret the lustrous and shiny look on your hair afterward. You will need half a cup of warm olive oil and aloe gel

  • Put them together and apply on your hair
  • Wash off after 45 minutes with mild shampoo

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cine vinegar restores your hair pH levels and promotes healthy hair regrowth. I can tell you for the fact that it is an effective ingredient for straightening your hair. You will need two tablespoon apple cine vinegar and water

  • Add one cup of water to the two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • Use this mixture as a final rinse after shampooing your hair
  • Do not wash, leave the rinse on your hair and allow it to dry


I know what you are thinking right now, I thought of it too when my college roommate told me we try it. You should have seen how shiny and soft my hair looked when I tried it.

Andyes, beer is a very effective ingredient, it is rich in proteins and vitamins which are important for maintaining healthy hair. In addition to this, the alcohol in the beer is a cleansing and shine agent in addition to having a softening effect on your hair. You will need a cup of beer of course and some regular shampoo

  • Boil one cup of beer util it reduces by half
  • Cool it and mix it with your regular shampoo
  • Wash your hair with the homemade beer shampoo

Castor Oil

Another popular and effective home remedy of straightening method is castor oil. It is a sure method of helping your hair stay hydrated aside from also preventing frizzing and fighting infections. You will require two tablespoons of castor oil, one tablespoon soybeans oil and shampoo

  • Mix the one tablespoon soybeans with the two tablespoon castor oil
  • Warm this mixture for a few minutes and massage the mixture with it for a few minutes
  • Leave it for about half an hour
  • Wash it out with shampoo
  • Comb your hair while it’s still wet then allow it to dry

Celery Leaves

Celery leaves can help straighten hair naturally and also stimulate growth. You will need patience when you chose this method; however, you won’t doubt the results. Requirements a bunch of celery leaves, water, juicer, spray bottle and shampoo

  • Chop a bunch of celery leaves and put them and a little water in a juicer to extract the juice
  • Strain the juice through a muslin cloth and store the juice in a spray bottle for two days
  • After two days apply the juice from root to hair tip
  • Comb your hair to help spread the juice while massaging for a few minutes and then cover them for 30 minutes
  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo and apply conditioner

Banana Hair Mask

It is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest method, I have tried the bananas. They are another effective ingredient to make your hair look healthy, shiny and straight. All you need are 2 overripe bananas, 4 tablespoon honey, natural yogurt and olive oil

  • Mash up the two overripe bananas with a fork and add the four tablespoons honey while mashing
  • Continue adding the natural yogurt and olive oil in the mixture till you get a fine paste
  • Apply the paste, wrap it with a shower cap and leave for about half an hour
  • Wash off with normal water

Simple Use Of Comb And Brush

It is the most convenient and an easy way to straight your hair. Everyone has a brush or comb. There is no instruction one needs when using this method. It is mostly used when one is in a hurry and takes much lesser time than all the above methods I have reviewed. Still if you would like to use technologies I recommend you to read our straightening brush reviews post.

Final Verdict​

My roommate and I love trying new things as often as possible. We have been quite experimental and have tried most of these methods to straighten our hair.

We have not only saved a lot but also have got excellent results from all of the methods we have tried.

Most of these methods take the same amount of time as the artificial methods, the difference majoring on cost and recommendation by hair specialists. Natural methods are 100% recommended by dermatologist.