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How To Straightening Hair Without Heat | Step by Step Guide

There are many ways in which one can straighten hair without heat. Let’s find out the answer to How To Straightening Hair Without Heat.

People that have curly or wavy hair know what’s up when using hair straighteners and straightening products, sometimes they just don’t work!

We can straighten the hair of various shapes such as flat iron, styling gels, silicon creams, hair relaxers, among many others. To smooth the hair can also use some techniques using protein based products and formulations to neutralize the hair.

The last mentioned methods rely on chemicals or heat, which we want to avoid at all costs so we can protect the hair and avoid wasting time with some useless products. To avoid all this there are natural techniques that can and should be used to straighten hair without using chemicals, no heat and more importantly, without damaging the health of hair. Some of the types described above can be very effective for those who enjoy combing so simple and fast for some special moments.

Some of the ways of combing the hair may require champus or conditioners, but should always use what is best for your hair type.

How to straighten hair without heat – Method 1

This technique is widely known and used to get smooth hair without heat, and can also be used to curl your hair! It may seem confusing but it’s true, if well executed can reverse the effect without heat or chemical substances.

Must have list

  1. Gentle shampoo
  2. Moisturizing and moisturizing leave-in conditioner
  3. Setting lotion or hair gel
  4. 12 hair rollers in size 2 inch (plastic or magnetic or metal mesh)
  5. Roller pins and end papers
  6. Combs (medium-tooth and wide-tooth)


To perform this method we will use the default base roll, this is used to wrap the hair in loose curls. Hair should be washed with shampoo moisturizing and gentle. Next, you must divide your hair into six equal parts and apply conditioner evenly all over. Then you must untangle the hair with the help of a wide-tooth comb. Rinse hair with a dry towel to remove excess water. Then divide the hair into two equal parts. When done should apply a moisturizer to the roots of the hair and combed it back with a wide-tooth comb. With the help of a medium-toothed comb to apply the gel configuration, apply the paper into the final end and start rolling the hair on the roller, secure it using pins. Repeat for the remaining hair. If you notice your hair is wet can dry evenly without excess. Keep the rolls for an evening or half-day. Remove the rollers and confirm the result.

How to straighten hair without heat – Method 2

Wash thoroughly with a hair shampoo and quality that suits your hair type. Then should apply a hair redemption solution because this will strengthen your hair with protein and essential goods. Leave the product on hair for 20 to 30 minutes and make sure that in the end the hair is completely dry. You should then apply the hair trigger for the application must ensure that it is completely wet. If the hair dryer will have to reapply again. This method is easier for those who want to use the flat iron.