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How To Use Hair Straightening Brush

Picture this, you are at home relaxing having one of those days that you just don’t want to even see the light of day. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, you get a phone call from some firm you applied for a job some time back that you had even forgotten about.

The caller says that you’ve been shortlisted for an interview and you are required to show up in two hours. You take a few seconds or minutes processing the news refiguring out your life in case you get the job, at the same time deciding on what to wear (first impressions are very important, we all know that).

How To Use Hair Straightening Brush

Then you remember that your hair leaves a lot to be done, your locks are tangled, fluffy, dirty, and painful because you haven’t combed it. What do you do? You decide to make a phone call, to the lady or man (who makes your hair. Unfortunately, they say they are booked for the day.

You start getting frustrated and anxious and feel like you would want the world to open up and swallow you. Then as if the universe hears your ‘cries’, you remember that one of your girlfriends once mentioned a hair straightening brush.

You politely ask for it, and it gets delivered. Now you don’t have the slightest clue on what to do and are embarrassed to ask because you don’t want her to think you’re dumb or a wuss.

You look for resource information online, and you get to this site. Without wasting much time, let me take you through How To Use Hair Straightening Brush

Wash Your Hair

The straightener brush works better in moist hair, it also works better after using some good shampoo to clean all the dirt from the hair. Once you have rinsed all the shampoo use a conditioner it makes your hair softer, which will make detangling locks easier preventing hair breakage. Apart from the conditioner, cholesterol hair treatment will cause you to get the longest lasting smoothness even when hair starts curling.

Dry Your Hair

After washing your hair use a dry clean absorbent towel for drying hair, which is easier and is readily available as well.

If you use the hair straightener brush without drying your hair, you risk burning your scalp and could damage your hair structure it can also cause a mess all over your floor, your mirror and your makeup stand which we don’t want right?

Oil Your Hair

Oiling the hair using sprays, lotions or mousses that make your hair easy to comb. It helps during the straightening by avoiding hair loss.

Enhancing the effect of the hair straightening brush results and it also acts as a heat protecting device especially for your scalp since the hair straightening brush uses electricity. Oiling allows the hair to flow together and is not unruly which would be nice.

Part Your Hair

Part your hair into sections of either four, six or eight times depending on the volume of your hair. It gives you an easier time to straighten without using a lot of time and muscles that would lead to soreness of your arms.

Part your hair in the middle, such that it runs from your forehead to the back, then divide the two sections into the proportions convenient for you.

Plug In The Brush

Plug in the brush into a socket of 200V. The best hair straightening brush comes with a special adaptor in a case where it doesn’t suit your outlets.

Turn the power button on and choose the appropriate temperature mode which would be shown in the LCD panel. Most of the brushes come in Fahrenheit, you can, however, change to degrees Celsius using a switch on the handle of the brush.

Test The Brush

To get the desired results, it’s advisable to test the hair straightening brush to ensure the temperature is suitable for your hair. Start by selecting the lowest temperature and keep adjusting using the plus and minus buttons until you reach the perfect result.

Take a small portion and brush for 2-3 times before its straight. Brush some more times in the sections that take time to straighten due to volume.

Straighten Your Hair

Brush your hair from the roots to the tips vertically to your head, if your hair is long or tangled, comb the tips first gradually moving up.

This will lift your hair giving an additional long lasting volume which stays for 2-5 days depending on the volume of hair. The hair straightening brush leaves your hair looking silky, elegant, and electric free just like after a visit to the salon.

Style Your Hair

After using a hair straightening brush, ensuring that every lock is well straightened such that if you use a comb with the smallest bristles pass freely through the hair.

You can decide to oil your hair again to give it that extra shine and to add the effect of the hair straightening brush on your hair. Style it according to the one that best suits your face, head, and personality.

Final Words

The best hair straightening brush massages your scalp increasing blood supply and promoting the regrowth of your hair while combining the functions of a comb and a straightener.

It can also allow you to make an awesome hairstyle in 5-10 minutes which is a huge time and money saver and you won’t use a lot of nerves trying to detangle your hair. The hair straightening brush evenly combs hair and your hair will no longer get damaged, split, fragile or burnt.

The tourmaline (a crystalline silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium or potassium, that is not harmful to either the hair or the scalp) covering is designed to supply your hair with negatively charged ions which leave them silky and healthy preventing them from splitting. The tourmaline covering is safe, and it will not become worn out by age.