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Shampooing Your Hair | Expert Opinion and Suggestions

Are you dreading shampooing your hair today? You don’t have to dread this much-needed task. Shampooing can be so easy if you just learn a couple of tricks. Knowing the best place to shampoo, exactly how to shampoo, and how often you should be shampooing your hair, is very important in your hair care routine. If you incorporate these tips, I guarantee that you’ll have a whole new viewpoint on shampooing hair.

Shampoo Prep

You think you’re ready to shampoo your hair? Let’s make sure. There are a couple of things you need to do:

  • Grab a nice wide tooth comb or a Denman brush and gently brush through your hair. This will get rid of all shedded hair which helps prevent tangling while shampooing hair. Make sure you have no tangles and comb your hair towards the back.
  • Get your moisturizing shampoo and conditioner along with a gentle clarifying shampoo.
  • Now, you just need to grab a wide-tooth shower comb bring it into the shower with you.

Where to Shampoo

Just because your hair stylist washes your hair in a sink doesn’t mean that you should! I suggest shampooing your hair in the shower.

When you wash your hair in the shower, you can keep from flipping your head over as if you were in the sink which causing more tangles as you then try to flip it back. Even better is if you have a removable shower head. Then you can move the head to ensure you’re rinsing correctly.

How Often to Shampoo

People shampoo their hair on various schedules that could range from every day to every 2 or 3 weeks. I think you should fit what schedule works for the hairstyle that you’re wearing:

  • If you’re wearing a wash n’ go hairstyle then it’s probably best to wash your hair daily or every other day.
  • Wearing your hair straightening brush or in a rollerset, you can wash once a week.

Waiting longer than once a week can result in a dirty scalp which is not a healthy environment for hair regrowth.

How to Shampoo

Depending on how much styling products you use, you may or may not need to clarify your hair. I recommend using a VERY gentle clarifying shampoo like Keracare 1st Lather. I suggest using this before actual shampoo because it will get rid of all the junk and oil. You may have notice that sometimes when you shampoo, you don’t get any suds. That is because there is too much product in your hair. Clarifying will get rid of this and allow your shampoo and conditioner to penetrate your hair.

  • After you’ve wet your hair thoroughly, you should then take a dollop of your shampoo and apply to the front and back and work through your hair. I do not advise specifically washing your ends especially if your hair is prone to being dry. Your ends will get plenty clean from the shampoo that sneaks down there on its own!
  • Gently massage the shampoo into your hair and massage your scalp. Every opportunity you have to massage your scalp is an opportunity to contribute to hair growth. Massaging your scalp will get your blood flowing which gets those hair follicles working back and forth to push hair out.
  • After you’ve suds up nicely, rinse your hair thoroughly. This clarifying should have gotten rid of all the styling products and daily maintenance products that you’ve used in the past week or so.
  • Now you’re ready to shampoo and add some deep clean moisture to your hair. If you have problems finding a good moisturizing shampoo, then I’d recommend getting a 2-1 even though you’ll still be conditioning afterwards. You don’t want to use a drying shampoo b/c then you’ll end up with tangly DRY hair!
  • Since you’ve already used a clarifying shampoo, you will only need to shampoo with the moisturizing shampoo once. But you can do it twice if you’d like. You should use the same technique for both.

Now, here’s something I learned through trial and error. Most people detangle their hair with conditioner in it. I like to detangle with shampoo. It’s easier. Here’s what you do:

  • Once you’ve finished shampooing your hair and the shampoo is still in it. Grab your shower comb and dip your head under the shower head. Don’t submerge your head. Just get it so there’s just enough water dripping through your hair. You’re going to use the flow of the showerhead and the comb to help detangle your hair.
  • So, as the water is flowing over your head, take your comb and gently start at the bottom and work your way up. It helps to divide your hair into two halves if it is long. That way, you can work on one section at a time.

Rinsing Shampoo

Rinsing your hair is just as important as shampooing your hair. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse the shampoo out of your hair so that it does not build up and cause your scalp to flake or cause flaking on your hair itself. It may take some time but just be patient. Take your fingers and make small separations here and there until it’s thoroughly rinsed, making sure not to cause any tangles.


You now know my secrets to tangle-free shampooing! You should be able to shampoo your hair and end up with hair that is all ready to be conditioned.

If you’re still having issues with tangling when shampooing your hair, you could have some breakage that needs to be taken care since it can lead to extra tangling in some cases You could also be using a shampoo that is too drying or harsh for your hair. I hope you try these techniques the next time you shampoo your hair!